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Roger stood on the doorstep dishevelled and down. His usual cheery smile was conspicuously absent. Even his unruly collar length light brown hair looked flatter than usual.

'What's up Rog?' I beckoned him in.

'I miss her, Charlie.'

'Cheer up, Rog! She's only been gone five minutes. You'll see her again.'
Roger looked at me like I'd shot his dog. It really wasn't like him.

'What happened?'
He blushed a bit.
'You didn't?' I looked at him, he blushed even more.
'It all sort of just happened when we stopped overnight at Harwich to wait for the morning ferry.' Roger said.
'Ah! That explains it then.' I said. 'Come on, I've got just the thing to cheer you up' I said, dragging Roger into the house, closing the door behind me.
Clare was a special case, she had been one of our gang. We usually saw random refugees from elsewhere on their final leg to the coast. Normally the stopovers were with random strangers, and Roger had escorted quite a few young women to the ferry. This, however, was the first time he'd been in love with the girl he'd put on the boat.

'How about a movie to cheer you up?' I said.
'Dunno, you got any beers in?'
'Sure I have, how about we watch Hard as Nails?'
'That the one with Daniel Roche as the King?'
'Yeah, it's got that fantastic scene where Prince Harry single handedly holds off a Panzer Division in his attack helo before dying heroically while his men to escape'
'That'll work, you line it up and I'll get some beer'.

The main reason I'd turned down his request to go with Clare to the Netherlands was because he was one of my main guys. Without him it would be very difficult to keep the gang going. He was going to be here until the end, when we'd all leave together. That was assuming that we actually got to leave.

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