Meet the Characters - Randolph Series

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Some of the characters mentioned below won't make an appearance in the story, but they are mentioned somewhere. I will be uploading a family tree of Randolph Clan for a better understanding and to avoid all confusions you may have about the characters and their connections.

Randolph Clan (Lycans):

Aaron George Randolph Sr. (Aaron's grandfather/Jerome's father)

Freya Jada Randolph (Aaron's grandmother/Jerome's mother)

Jerome George Randolph (Former King)

Esmeralda Maria Randolph (Former Queen)

Aaron George Randolph (Ruling King)

Mia Walter Edwards Randolph (Ruling Queen)

Samuel George Randolph (Crown Prince)

Juan George Randolph (Prince/First Beta)

Mathew George Randolph (Prince/Second Beta)

Alexander George Randolph (Prince/Third Beta)

Mark Clan (Lycans):

Mark Clayton Randolph (Blake's grandfather/Aaron Sr.'s brother)

Michaela Madeline Randolph (Mark's mate/killed in war)

Andrew Elliot Randolph (Blake's father/former leader)

Kaia Lucy Randolph (Andrew's mate/former luna)

Blake Clayton Randolph (Ruling Leader)

Leila Josephine Randolph (Blake's sister)

Malaika Peyton Randolph (Blake's sister)

Raymond Clan (Lycans):

Raymond Elliot Randolph (Dawson's Grand father/Aaron Sr.'s brother)

Caitlyn Giselle Randolph (Raymond's mate)

Cayne Edmund Randolph (Dawson's father/former leader)

Aubrey Lucia Randolph (Cayne's mate/former luna)

Dawson Elliot Randolph (Ruling Leader)

Maricella Evangline Randolph (Raymond's sister)

Christopher Clan (Lycans):

Christopher Edmund Randolph (Arthur's grandfather/Aaron Sr.'s brother)

Isabella Ryleigh Randolph (Christopher's mate/killed in war)

Holden Edmund Randolph (Arthur's father/former leader)

Angela Caroline Randolph (Andrew's mate/former luna)

Arthur Edmund Randolph (Ruling Leader)

Ian Edmund Randolph (Arthur's brother/first of the twin/7 years old)

Darius Edmund Randolph (Arthur's brother/youngest twin/7 years old)

Mia's Parents:

Carl Walter Edwards (Father/Human)

Melisa Cecilia Edwards (Mother/Powerful witch)


Luvon - Former King

Ena - Former Queen

Luirlon - Ruling King

Lyra - Juan's mate/2nd born

Amra - Mathew's mate/3rd born


Helius - Demon King

Helius mother


Felipe - Born Vampire/antagonist

Dreven (Felipe's second in command)

Uriel (Felipe's third in command)

Luke Frost (Vampire/Personal guard for the queen)

Martin Hartman (Vampire/Personal guard for the queen)

Urien (Random Vampire)  

Other Members:

Ted Lawrence (Warlock/Mia's sponsor)

Lilith Gabrielle Lawrence (Witch/Melisa's sister/Ted's mate and also godmother for Randolph children)

Logan Holloway (Ted's assistant - I never gave him a last name, I don't know why)

Sarah Orwell (Logan's mate/Omega Female)

Maximus Wilkinson (Third in command/Gamma)

Larry Wilkinson (Maximus's Father/Ex-gamma)

Richard Philip (Ex-beta)

Emilia Philip (Richard's daughter)

Zach Dillon (Warrior/Emilia's Fling)

John Perron (Head warrior)

Dr. Paul Barnes (Omega Male/Pack doctor)

Dr. Jacob Anderson (Human/Pack doctor)

Stella Reeves (Mia's human friend)

Victoria Sampson (Omega female in-charge for castle kitchen)

Thomas Sampson (Omega male/Victoria's mate)

Louie Sampson (First born son of Victoria and Thomas)

Levi Weston (Butler)

Norah (Blake's love interest)

Elise Cadence (Victoria's friend)

Sanders (Random Omega)

Brycen (Guard)

Kamden (Random Delta)

Judah (Random Delta)

Reid (Random Delta)

Jeffrey (Random Delta)

Jasmine Velez (Guardian)

Tanya Solis (Dark one)

Marcus Avila (Dark one)

Lilly Florence (Orphanage caretaker)

Grandma (Matron)

Super Natural Character's in the book:

Lycan/Werewolf (Main)

Vampire (Main)

Witch (Supporting)

Warlock (Supporting)

Demons (Supporting)

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