Sorry, Brother

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Same day. Later.

We had locked Rendall into the barn. 

Daryl took it as his job to make him talk. 

Daryl was punching him. 

I was just sitting there watching him.

Daryl hit him so hard the the chair flew to the side. 

Rendall spit blood and cried out"i told you-"

Daryl growled  "You said no shit!"

Rednall cried out"barely knew these guys. i met them on the road. "

Daryl "how many where in your group?"

He took his knife out.

Rendall shook his head  "no. no. no. no. no. come on,man "

Daryl "How many?!"

Rendall "30..30 guys"

Daryl "Where?"

Rendall "it was never more than a night"

Daryl held the knife on Rendall's leg wound "explain? planning on staying local?"

Rendall shrugged sobbing"i don't know. They left me behind."

I sighed annoyed "Just answer his questions, man, and you won't get hurt"

Rendall begged "come on, guys!"

Daryl "I'll start real slow first and later i'm just gonna rip it off"

I stood up and walked to them. 

Rendall "okay ! okay!. They have weapons, stuff, automatics but i didn't do anything"

Daryl "Your guys were shooting my boys, trying to take this farm. You just went along for the ride? try to tell me you're innocent?!"

Rendall "yes! these people took me in. not just guys..a while group of them. men and woman.', kids too just like you people. thought i had a better chance with them, you know?. but we go out.. just the night we found this little campsite. A man with two daughters, and another girl. teenagers, really young, really cute."

My jaw dropped "Wait what?"

He was in that group?

Rendall "their father had a night watch and these guys they...and they kept killing afterwards. They just made him watch. his daughters just left him there. No, no but i didn't touch them girls. no, i swear!. "

I yelled"Daryl! Stop!"

He began to kick him. 

 I grabbed his shoulder "please!"

He looked at me. 

I took his hand and walked out with him. 

Daryl "What now? hm?"

Me "I know this gang"

Daryl raised an eyebrow "say that again?"

I took a deep breath"I was the other girl. "

Daryl looked even more angrier "What?"

Me "I escaped that night. I was strolling through the woods, running away from them,  till you found me nights later"

Daryl's hand grabbed my hand tighter "did they touch you?"

I shook my head "I ran away when i realized what they wanted"

Daryl nodded. He was still pissed. 

Me "He was just watching. doing nothing"

He nodded "Then we can tell the others"

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