Megan’s P.O.V.

                As we walked outside we realized how late it had gotten. I looked down at my phone. It was 3 a.m. Holy SHIT! I didn’t know we had been in the bus that long.

                “Is Wal-Mart going to be open?” I asked upset at the idea of me not getting the cards.

                “It’s a 24-hour one.” Harry said as we walked down the road.

                “YAY!” I roar.

                “So Meg, tell us about yourself,” Zayn said.

                “Well let’s see. I was born in London, United Kingdoms. Still live there. My parents’ names are Ann and Brian and they got pregnant with my older sister when they were 14. Then me when they were 15. They got married when they turned 18. Well more like eloped because my grandparents didn’t approve. Then when I was 13 my mom decided she didn’t want to be around anymore so she ran away. Then my family fell apart. My dad is now only focused on work. And my sister is a druggie, has been pregnant like 7 times, will most likely be drunk or high when you see her. But I mean I guess you could say my family is well off. My dad owns a million dollar company. So I’ve had a lot of nice things. And when I get older I want to be a magazine editor.” I said.

                “Wow, your life’s been eventful,” Niall said.

                “Yup, but I have awesome friends and my future looks bright,” I sighed, “So I’m happy.”

                “You are really strong. I don’t know if I could deal with all that,” Harry remarked.

                “Thanks,” I said, “Oh look Wal-Mart. Pokémon here I come!” I screeched glad to have something to change the subject.

                “Let’s go get you you’re cards,” Louis screamed as we ran in there like a five year old entering the Magic Kingdom.

                We ran up to the aisle with the cards and I looked at what packs I wanted to get.

                “I want… These five,” I said after looking at the packs.

                “Ok,” Zayn said as he took them out of my hands.

                “Why are you taking them I need to pay for them?” I asked confused by him.

                “No we are each buying you a pack,” Liam said as they all pulled out a five dollar bill.

                “No you’re not. They’re my cards I’m paying for them!” I declared. I mean it was sweet but I’m not going to let them buy them for me.

                “No we’re paying for them,” Niall said. I went to go walk up and take the packs out of his hands, but suddenly I was up and over someone’s shoulder.

                “WHAT?! NO. PUT ME DOWN! WHO IS THIS?!” I screeched punching whoevers back it was.

                “It’s me Harry. Now stop punching me!” He proclaimed.

                “Ok,” He said placing my feet back on the floor and a bag in my hand filled with the packs.

                “Well thank you,” I said tearing into the first pack. “Let’s see, awww Chimchar! Look at Wooper!” I continued to make comments on all the cards. “OMG! I got PIKACHU!”

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