Chapter Forty-One

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               Maybe it was wrong of me to kiss him, but I didn't regret it and I wasn't going to. I don't think it was cheating, but it was definitely wrong. But it's not like Rayne is an angel of heaven. He's more of the opposite now.

               I left Dave's house and headed straight for Rayne's apartment because I needed to talk to him. I needed to confess that I kissed Dave, because I wouldn't hide such thing. I wouldn't have done it if I wasn't drunk, but obviously I got drunk and did it.

               I needed to talk to Rayne. I needed to get this sorted out. I missed him. And when I kissed Dave, I thought of him. I will always love Rayne, but he's hurting me right now and I just don't want to feel pain. I've felt enough pain to last a life time. I just want to be set free and be happy. Why is life so difficult?

               It was time to fight for him. Time to make things right.


               There were red cups scattered all over the entrance of his apartment complex. There must have been a lot of people here last night. Rayne didn't even know that many people, or did he? Nah. I was sure that Priscella was the one who invited everyone.

               Kicking cups out of the way, I walked towards his door and took out the key. Thank God I didn't throw away the key. I shoved it in and twisted it, slowly opening the door. The apartment was cold as the South Pole. It looked like a dinosaur had walked through on its way to the land before time.

               There was a girl on the couch, legs twisted and arms dangling over a wine bottle. It was totally Priscella. Her black long hair always stood out for some reason. It was like perfect.

                I walked over to her and fixed her position so that she wouldn't wake up with a cramp. Her outfit was hideous, it was a mix between a hooker and a ballerina. She must have already been drunk when she dressed.

                I eyed Rayne's bedroom, wondering if he was awake or not. Should I just wait until he wakes up or just sit here and stare at Priscella? Maybe coming too early was a bad idea...but it's not like I was going to school. I am in no shape to go to classes right now. Although I won't be able to skip anymore classes for a while or I'll get kicked out.

               I decided to head to Rayne's room just to make sure he was okay and I regretted it the moment I thought of it. I stood at the door, watching him sleeping between Aaron's arms. I didn't know what to think. Nothing came to mind, no reaction, just blankness. From what I could see Rayne was in his boxers and looking very happy. And by happy I meant ... yeah.

               As I left the room, I heard him gasp. He woke up just in time to see me walk out. At first he stared at me, his eyes sleepy and red. I didn't say anything, instead I turned again and kept walking. I wasn't going to argue. I wasn't going to yell at him. I wasn't going to do anything. He made his decision, so it was my turn. I didn't want to think about it. I just wanted to escape as quick as possible.

               "Jesse! Stop! Wait!" Rayne yelled when I opened the front door to leave. His loud shout made Priscella's head pop up in curiosity. She tried to hide again but kept half her face visible so she could see what was happening.

               I looked at Rayne, waiting for him to say his excuses.

               "It's not what you think. I swear. I love you." His words were sketchy, I wasn't buying them. He touched his chest then walked towards me but I stepped back. He scanned my expression but he couldn't read it because there was nothing left to feel. "Jesse, please. This isn't what you think. He needed a place to stay because he couldn't drive while drunk."

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