Megan’s P.O.V

                “Well, Megan was just telling us about-“ Harry started

                “My family,” I said before Harry could finish. Melissa would’ve lectured me later for acting all depressing around the boys later if she knew what we were really talking about. The boys all shot me confused looks. ‘Later,’ I mouthed. They all shrugged.

                “So what are we going to do now?” Melissa asked already bored of just sitting here.

                “Well we have a Wii and X-Box back in the tour bus,” Louis said.

                “Great lets go!” Melissa said practically jumping with joy. As the boys led us to the bus Melissa leaned over and whispered, “We get to see were the boys eat, and, sleep, and hang out, and most importantly change.” She said wiggling her eyes.

                “Melissa that’s creepy. But I am starting to see why you love the boys they’re all really sweet.” I whispered back.

                “Well here it is. Home sweet… Bus I guess?” Niall said looking confused at his own statement. We all laughed at that.

                We entered the bus and Louis immediately ran over to the fridge, while the rest of us plopped down on the seats.

                “So for the Wii do you want to play Black Ops, Fifa World Cup, Sing-It, Call of Duty, Pokémon: Black and Silver, Just Dance 3, or Cooking Mama?” Zayn asked while looking in the TV stand.

                “Should we be worried about that last one?” I asked.

                “No Lottie gave it to us as a joke for Christmas saying maybe if we play this enough we could actually bake something without burning the house down,” Liam said chuckling.

                “Two times!” Louis exclaimed.

                “No there was the cake, the tomato soup, the pizza, the grilled cheese, the ham burgers, the taco’s, and there was one more… what was it… oh yeah! The boxed mac and cheese.” Liam said, “So more like, what, seven times?”

                “How do you catch mac and cheese on fire?!” I exclaimed.

                “When you don’t take it out of the box,” Louis said.

                “Twit! How dumb are you guys?” I asked while laughing.

                “HEY!” They all said.

                “Well what do you expect us to say? Good job?” Me and Melissa said at the same time. The boys looked creeped out by that. “OMG! High five!” We said again simultaneously. We then looked at each other at the same time and started laughing.

                “So anyways I say we play Sing-It,” Melissa said.

                “Ok, so Melissa you can go first. Now do you want a partner? And what song do you want to sing?” Liam asked handing her a microphone.

                “Umm Zayn is my partner and how about Rolling In The Deep by Adele,” Melissa said giving the second Wii microphone to Zayn.

                After about an hour everyone had sung at least twice. Except me who hadn’t sung at all.

                “Ok Megan enough stalling it’s your turn,” Louis said dragging me up to the TV.

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