Chapter Four

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(this cover is just one of an animation i found on the internet... :3)

(Y/N) = Your Name
(H/C) = Hair Color

The absence of arms on your bare chest confused you. You distinctly remember falling asleep in someone's arms, because it was so perfect. You fit perfectly against the other figure, and to have a chance that that experience was a dream, it was devastating. Last night was perfect. You were warm, safe, happy, all the good adjectives. It was too good not to be true.

"(Y/N)? Are you finally awake?" For some reason, you felt joy at his voice.
He appeared from outside the door to the room.
"Did you sleep well?"

"I had a little trouble at first, 'cause I was cold, but then--" You stop mid-sentence, seeing his smirk. "That was you! Last night!" You accused him playfully.

"I didn't mean to violate your space, you just looked like you were freezing, and I didn't want to wake you." He apologized, smile confirming that he honestly meant it.

You quickly stop him. "No! It's ok."
I enjoyed it.

He smirked. "Then you don't mind...?" He stopped himself, unsure of how to phrase his words. "You don't mind if, if we? If I? Ugh, you know what I mean."
(I am actually having trouble phrasing this in a way that doesn't sound sexual, and failing miserably, as you can tell.)

"Yeah, I do. And yes, I don't mind. It was... nice, last night." You tell him, blushing.

He sighed in relief, bringing a smile to your face. "Good. Because I did too."

He takes off your shirt, and folds it nearly, laying it on one of the rocks jutting from the wall. "I'll wash it later."

You laugh nervously, having forgotten about your shirtlessness. "Thanks."

You follow him out of the smallish room, and sit on the loveseat, one of the only furnishings in the cave/hideout thing. It was next to the fire, and you were still cold. It was early morning, the outside tells you, and still pretty cold. Especially with just jeans on. The couch was a soft blue, and was a bit on the small side. It was smaller than the one at his house, so it made perfect sense that he would try to sneak into the bed, considering how big it was. Leaning towards the brightly burning fireplace, you rub your hands together to hear them up quicker. You were on the edge of your seat, trying to get as warm as possible.

"Still cold?" James's voice sounded worried.

You moved over on the loveseat, motioning for him to sit down. "Yeah. Aren't you?"

"I've been working the furnaces for most of the morning, so I'm pretty warm." He graciously took the offered seat, and you could feel the heat radiating off of him.

"No kidding." You joked, slowly leaning closer to him.
He either didn't notice or didn't mind, so you scooted closer to him, so that your bodies were touching. James watched the flames dance on the netherrack, the colors reflecting in his eyes. He was really hot, and you soaked up the heat, instantly feeling warmer. You feel his arm snake around the cold skin of your back to rest on the opposite shoulder, pulling you even closer to him. You lean into him, head resting on his bare shoulder. It warmed your cheek, and he sighed. Slowly, your breaths fell into synchronization, as well as your heartbeats. His grip was comfortable, making you relax to the point where, if he had suddenly left, you would have fallen.

He started to hum, occupying the sound between the crackles of the burning fire. Going all night, the flames had yet to so much as flicker in tiredness. The soft noise vibrated your head calmly, making you yawn. With heavy eyes, you decided that a little nap was OK, considering how much rest you got last night.

Almost ten minutes later, James got up, ruining the moment, and jerking you awake.
"Man, you must've slept horribly last night." He commented as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes.

"My whole week. School really keeps you up." You explain before standing up. "Have any breakfast?"

He smiled, golden teeth glinting in your eye. "You okay with chicken?"


The both of you were sitting on the counters of the kitchen, laughing about random things and eating the chicken James had made.

"OK, so there's a Mexican, a Japanese, and an Englishman. They walk into a hotel, and order a room. "Would you like sheets on your bed?" The man at the desk asks. The Englishman says yes, and so does the Mexican. Can you guess what the Japanese man said?" You stopped telling the joke in order to laugh.

He shakes his head, and waits for you to continue.

"'If you sheets on my bed I kill you!'" You laughter filled the small kitchen and tears filled your eyes. Soon it was joined by his familiar chuckling as well.

"If you shit on my bed... That's halarious!" He understood the joke, and you relaxed.

"Right? I wish I had another one."

He hopped off of the polished diorite counter, which looked remarkably like marble. Walking to you, he reaches under your arms, and takes you down. You gawk at how strong he is, and how useless that act was. You were less than two feet off the floor, and it's not hard to jump off. Setting you gently on the floor, he grabs your hand.

"So, where would you rather stay? Here, or at the house?"

"If you ask me, here is more roomy, and has more space."

"I am asking you." He said.

You blush, and he frowns. "Then I'd like to stay here longer."

You notice that he is very close to your face, looking into your eyes with an expression you didn't recognize. His other hand drifted up your cheek to rest behind your ear. You felt a blush try to surface, and look away from him, letting his hand slide back to his side.
What are doing? This man, he...
See, you don't have an argument for this, just let him kiss you. No regrets.
I... Fine.
He is looking around wildly, seeming to sense the awkwardness of you rejecting the kiss. Taking his hand, you set out to prove your subconscious wrong, and to kiss him. He looked at you, surprise evident on his face, before realizing what you were doing. He smiled, and gently touched your lips together. The connection sent chills running down your spine, and you enjoyed it. His hands both went and tangled themselves in the hair on the back of your hair, tugging you deeper into the kiss. You gladly went with him, and wrapped your arms around his bulky shoulders. You pulled away unhappily, needing to breathe.

"I almost thought you wouldn't kiss back." He confirmed.

You blush. "I didn't think I was capable of it."

James let go of your messy (H/C) hair, and replaced them on your waist. "Unbelievable."

"Huh." You voice your complaint.

"You are a strange one." He said, leading you to the couch. He sat down, and you sat next to him, still trying to catch your breath. Your panting, and the fire's avid cracking, were the only sounds in the room.

(Wow, I don't know if I did that right. Again, I am not a guy, I don't know how this works. Or is it different? Anyway, hope I didn't deter y'all from reading! See ya next time. PS, I just really want to get my two books near the same chapters, and writers block hasn't set in yet, so I guess I keep trying. What do you want to happen next?)

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