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"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Let's say you have a fear of the dark. You are scared of the monsters underneath your bed, or perhaps inside your bedroom closet. In reality, you know those foul beasts are just a figment of your imagination; they don't exist, yet we are still afraid. Why? Could it be that our nerves simply "light up" in feeling? Could it be that the intense free-falling sensation we get in our chests when something goes wrong- triggered by the amygdala in our brains- just simply means that the six-legged-barely an-inch-long-creature on your bedroom wall really gives you the heebie jeebies? Or is it something more. As you probably know, science has the answers to basically everything, right? Fear is triggered by the amygdala in our brains, meaning that whatever the he-ck... heck that creepy thing the looks at you from literally every. Single. Angle. Is, made the amygdala regret its decision of occupation. Here comes the rhetorical question every toddler knows and loves, Why? Why?


Everyone is different, correct? Everyone has their own little-or big- world inside their skulls that helps them think of something better- or worse- for themselves. We all fear something. We all feel something. We all dream of something greater than ourselves. That, my friend is what keeps us living. I personally don't like to pop open my bottle of emotion and let people pour a glass, not with words you can hear and dwell on at least. I tend to "explore" my worlds more than others; both my mental world and physical world, I mean. I notice things long before anyone else does. I am overly aware of my surroundings. A teacher I once had made us think in that same way, or rather wanted us to. That teacher has always been one of my favorites. He like to "make us think differently", and well, I never changed my perception on the world. I personally don't enjoy speaking; that's why he never knew. I was always too busy taking in my worlds, analyzing them to the maximum extent. Sometimes, I even pretended that I didn't notice things, that I didn't realize they'd left me here with my thoughts, just so i'd seem normal to someone. Like I said, I don't enjoy opening up...  but I think I'll open up to you, diary.

An: just like i always say, the chapters will get longer (and less confusing) as the story continues.

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