Chapter Three

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(sry to spoil the mood, but chapter cover credit goes to Carify on DeviantArt... ive said this so many times...)

(E/C) = Eye Color
(D/H) = Direction of Head

"Awe. Poor Jamie." You said, eliciting one of his breathtaking smiles.

You smiled back, before he turned away, confronting the chat box.

"Dammit Herobrine!" He yelled at the wall, black bits of hair falling in front of his face. Turning back to you, he said, "I have to attend a Q and A character interview, or something. It shouldn't be too long. Do you mind waiting here for a bit? Your welcome to anything in the fridge, or the bedroom."

It was unavoidable, his eyes told you. So you gave in. "I'll wait." You inform him with an expression of forced happiness.

"I won't be long. Also, I need to find a shirt." You blush a little.

"Don't you have any extras?"

"I did, but I seem to have left them all somewhere."

"Do you want mine?" (Remember, I said this story would be gay...) You were wearing the white tee, and faded blue jeans you had come to this world with. (Pretend ur shirt it white, roll with the story)

He shrugged. "If you don't mind."

You blush again, not sure why, and take off your shirt. It gets caught on your ear, and you notice James staring at your chest. You cough, getting his attention, and he blushed and took the shirt from your hand.

"Do you work out often?" He asks you, still trying to sneak glances at your bare skin. "It shows." He said after you nodded vaguely.

"Thanks." You feel your cheeks deepen their pink color ever so slightly.

James sighs, giving up. "Remember, I won't be gone for long, but it might be night by the time I get back. There is a fridge back behind there, in the kitchen, and the bedroom is over there. Do you want me to start a fire? It might get chilly later." He was trying to think of everything.

You laugh. "Yeah, that would be nice, since I don't have a shirt." He gave you a hurt expression, and lit the fire by looking at it.
"Woah, what the hell?" You look shocked, and see him laughing.

"I don't have powers, if that is what your thinking. That's Hero. I am just the world's greatest hacker." He explains with his entrancing smile.

You join in his laugh, and bid him farewell, watching as he fly-hacks off into the distance.

"Be quick." You tell him, well aware that he can no longer hear you.

He looks good in your shirt.
What are you thinking, you crazy!? Get ahold of yourself!

"But he does." You utter aloud.

Turning back to the room, you wonder if any mob are going to wander in the front door, but you see a button labeled push. Maybe he had hooked up a piston door? With high expectations, you push the wooden button, and see a six by six vault door hole up the cave entrance, complete with a redstone lamp in the middle.
I thought hacking was impressive in itself, but he's a redstoner too? Damn.
Your thoughts occupy you most of the night, and after a quick meal, you decide to go to bed. It was past being dark outside, it was pitch black.
James's room was welcoming, and the bed was soft. You couldn't help but fall asleep.

In the dream...

You were back with your family, but you felt an emptiness in your heart. You couldn't explain what it was, but it hurt, as if there was an open wound on it. Your parents told you it was love, but you couldn't think of any girl you had fallen in love with. But you had a faint memory of a man, deep black skin, and always wore white. He was wonderful, in the memories; he took great care of you, and you owed your life to him. You didn't understand, you didn't think you were gay, but no matter how hard you tried, his face would always bubble to the top of your thoughts. You couldn't put a name to his face, but you could match multiple feelings to him. Embarrassment, happiness, joy, mirth, excitement, comfort, companionship, kindness, and even love. It was so confusing, all the feelings, all the emotions. It didn't make sense when you thought about it, only when you didn't.

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