“The Rented Husband”

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Chapter 36

     Brody found himself sitting in what had to be the hardest chair  this side of the western hemisphere.  The lights were dim, leaving the room in a darkened state. He was alone, watching as Olivia slept off the dose of heroine that Patton had managed to inject into her.  Over three hours had passed since they left the hotel by ambulance, and she was still out.  Brody had questioned the doctors several times, each and every time they informed him that she would be fine once the drug had time to run it's course. They had given her something to deter the drug and all he could do was wait it out. He was impatient and the waiting was starting to really get to him.

     Well, he thought crossly, leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees, he was tired of waiting.  He wanted her to open them big beautiful eyes that he had become all to familiar with and see him, look at him so that he could in fact see for himself that she was in fact going to be fine. 

     During the last twelve hours, he had been on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions.  He had been forced up a torturous climb, twisted down in a wicked spiral, flipped over in several death defying flips and only now, did he have time to think and catch his breath. .

     Everything he had been forced to go through because of the lie. Not only the lie but also with Olivia, her family and Patton- it had become crystal clear to him.  He wanted her.  He wanted her with such a furious passion that he had long since stopped trying to deny it.  He not only wanted her, he needed her.  He wanted to talk with her, to spar with her, to kiss her and more then anything else he wanted to finally get the chance to make love to her.  Hell, he even wanted to have kids with her.  He had never thought about kids in the past but with Liv, the idea held major appeal.  He wanted half a dozen rug rats, running around, under foot.  But most importantly, he wanted the opportunity to grow old with her.

     Now that he has admitted all this to himself, he needed her to wake up so that he could tell her that she was stuck with him.  For better or for worse, when they left this island, they would take real vows, for all intents and purposes, they would really become man and wife.  And if she wanted to argue with him over it, so be it.  He he would just have to kiss her senseless until she relented.  In fact, he hoped that she would argue with him so he could do just that.

     Olivia Murray, also known as the dragon lady, had somehow managed to do the one thing that no other woman on this planet had ever been able to do. She found a way to worm her way into his heart.  And not only that, she firmly lodged herself there- permanently.

     They belonged together.  He felt that single, solitary truth deep down in the root of his chest.  There was no way that she was getting rid of him now, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

     She felt loopy, hazy and more than a little disconnected.  She was in a strange place, that much she could tell by the offensive scents alone.  The smell of alcohol or disinfectant, tickled her nose, leaving her a little nauseous.  

     Lying there, it was a major struggle for her to open her eyes and once she finally got her lids to open it was even more of a struggle to focus them.  Blinking several times, she looking above her and saw nothing but bright white.  Where am I?  Why am I here? What happened to me?

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