15 - A pest and sandwiches.

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It has been a pleasurable but torturing morning. Pleasurable because I had the opportunity to admire my love interest and torturing because everyone else in the building had too. And they did. Especially after the shirt situation.

After all of this, I am ready to leave.

While unclipping the lens of the camera to safely store it in the case - I only know that they are pretty fragile - Jules comments. "How about we go to a restaurant eat something? I am starving."

Harry that has finally put himself together cuts in. "Ah, actually, I and James brought some food. Do you want to try it?" Is it too bizarre that I feel happy just for being referred together with Harry? Doesn't it seem as if we prepared the lunch as a couple? Now I am starting to turn delusional.

"Are you kidding me? Of course, I want. That quiche is still in my dreams!" My little brother seems like children on Christmas.

Laughing, Harry walks to the table where we left our things and I follow to get the water bottles and miserable snacks. As I stop next to Harry, he looks at me and asks. "Did you bring something to drink? I was so worried about today that I forgot them back home."

"Water. Is that enough?"

"Sure. Great that you remembered." And then he gave me a smile. Thank you water bottles!

"Hum, where should we prepare the lunch? This table is uncomfortable; glued to the wall and full of all this...stuff." He says pointing the mess.

Looking around I localize another small table in a better position. We just need to assemble some chairs. "How about there?"

Nodding and beaming Harry agrees "Good." then start to carry the basket to the chosen spot. This time I am not stupid to try separating baker from baked goods. I prefer smiles to freezing gazes.

Harry rests the basket and starts taking off Tupperware after Tupperware filled to the brim with sandwiches and baked treats that I honestly can't name. There is a considerable amount, way more than what the three of us can consume, but I won't suggest sharing with the other in the storehouse. They have already received too much of Harry to my peace of mind.

After accommodating his photographic material Jules comes close with a huge grin from ear to ear."Wow, it seems so good! You seriously have to marry my brother for me to have access to this cooking all the time."

Harry's hands stop and he looks from Jules to me in shock. I am going to kill you, little brother. Before I can say anything to fix the uncomfortable atmosphere Harry just ignores the comment and arrange some more dishes. "Can you get three chairs, Julian?" It seems his payback is making the blabbermouth work.

As the hateful devil lets us alone I apologize. "Sorry for that."

"Hum, no problem. He was just joking." Harry states as if it was obvious. I don't like his conclusive tone implying that the idea never even crossed his mind. That is probably why I blurted what I did. "Not completely. I am interested in you, Harry. I thought that kiss made it clear."

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