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Pen Your Pride


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Credit to: Narrystwerkstar

Niall (Age 13) ( 3rd Person POV): 

Your screams nearly shook the whole Earth as you ran away from Niall. It was time for your insulin and it was also time for your daily freak out. You had been taking insulin for a week now and you still couldn’t get over your fear of shots. You were running towards your room when your brother magically appeared in front of you, a smirk plastered on his face. You screamed again and turned to run but he picked you up and slung you over his shoulder before carrying you into the kitchen. “We can either do this the hard way or the easy way.” He muttered, holding you in front of him. You glared at him for a moment before giving him a small smirk and pushing yourself away from him. You landed on the ground and quickly took off, only to be pulled back into his chest. He pulled you on his chest and put you i a tight hold, making it impossible for you to move. Niall quickly shuffled over and gave you the shot before you could stop him. You screamed at the small pinch it gave you and immediately started crying. Your brother giggled and handed you over to Niall, his giggles turning into full out laughter. Niall scooped you up and put your head in his shoulder, whispering comforting words as you cried like a newborn baby.

Louis (Age 17) (Your POV):

"Y/N come here!" My dad yelled walking past my closet which I was currently hiding in, the shot he was supposed to give me being held in his big hands. I sat and watched as he circled my room, his eyes darting around and stopping at the closet. I held my breath and backed away from the door, burying myself in my clothes. I know the closet is the dumbest place to hide, but I was desperate and my fear of shots was getting the best of me. I watched, taking quiet breaths, as he turned and called for my brother. My brother slowly waltzed in and smirked as my dad pointed towards the closet. In the strides my brother was at the closet door and quickly yanked it open. I screamed as loud as I could and started kicking him when he picked me up. He sat down on my bed, pulled me on his lap, and locked me tightly in his arms. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and giggled in to my ear. My dad grabbed my arm and quickly gave me the shot, my screams causing him cringe. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I let out a strangled sob as my dad put on a band-aid. "Y/N, i’m sorry." He muttered, pulling me in his arms and letting me cry. "You have to get better sis…. or you’ll turn into a zombie or something." My brother mumbled, cackling when smacked him on the back of the head, and then leaving once I started crying again.

Zayn (Age 16) (3rd Person POV):

You giggled as your dad called for you again. You were currently hiding in his bedroom and he had yet to find you. A few minutes passed and you were about to leave when your brother burst through the door. “Maybe I can bribe her wi- Oh hey! Here she is!” He screamed, running over and throwing you over his shoulder so you couldn’t escape. You screamed and started hitting him as he skipped over to the kitchen, your head smacking into his back after each skip. He finally arrived and plopped down on a stool with you on his lap. You tried to escape his arms but he only giggled and held you firmly in place. Your dad walked over and groaned when you started screaming. “We haven’t even started yet y/n!” You brother yelled, laughing when you you didn’t stop. While your brother was in hysterics and your dad was getting your medicine ready you continued to scream. You didn’t stop screaming until he had given you a bowl of ice cream, which occurred 10 minutes after the shot was given to you.

Liam (Age 12) (3rd Person POV):

"Please dad!" You screamed as your brother carried you over to him. He ignored your pleas and forced your brother to hold you down. He started getting the medicine together and then brought it towards your arm. Before it even touched your skin you began to scream. The shrill sound caused Liam to drop the syringe and your brother to start laughing. "He didn’t even touch your skin and you started screaming like a burning banshee!" You brother said, laughing until his face turned red. Liam rolled his eyes and crouched down until he was eye level with you. "Y/N its not that bad. It will just sting a little and then it will go away just like that." He said, giving you a reassuring smile. You eyed him warily and nodded. You stuck out your arm and squeeze your eyes closed, gripping your brothers forearm as tight as you could. You felt a sting and then the pain was gone. You opened your eyes and smiled at Liam. "See I told you it was nothing!" He cheered, picking you up and spinning you around as you giggled.

Harry (Age 15) ( 3rd Person POV):

"Y/N its time for your medicine!" Harry yelled. You silently slipped from your bed and slid under it, not caring if he got mad again. This was the third time you were taking a shot today and you couldn’t handle it anymore. A few minutes passed and you thought he had forgot about you, until your brother walked in. "Y/n!" He called. You slowly started to shimmy yourself away from the door, stopping when your foot hit the wall. "Bingo." He muttered. He walked around your bed and stopped. You scrunched up into a ball and waited, holding your breath. Suddenly he grabbed your foot and dragged you from the bed. He slung you over his shoulder and carried you into the living room. Harry looked up and sighed when he saw you. "Y/N can you please just let me give you this shot without any trouble?" He asked, his eyes pleading. You groaned and held out your arm, squeezing your eyes shut when he held your arm. As soon as the needle touched your arm you flinched and pulled your arm away. Your brother groaned and held your arm out. Harry quickly gave you the medicine and you let your arm fall into your lap, relief spreading through you once you realized it was over. "See how easy that was!" He yelled, smiling at you. You rolled your eyes and ran back to your room.

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