One night can change you're life

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Justin's POV

It's been 2 weeks sense we ran into Tara's old Dad. She keeps crying herself to sleep. Last night she was talking about him in her sleep there's nothing I could do to keep from crying when she screams his name. I keep telling her I won't let him hurt you. But she keeps sobbing.

Right now Tara and I are on vacation in Miami Florida. I'm here with a few friends also so I'm having loads of fun. I brought Tara's nanny so she could watch her when I go out. Iv been out partying and having fun.

Right now I'm in the car with Chantel and she got cold so I gave her my jacket.

Chantel: "wanna know what would be fun?"
Justin: "what?"
Chantel: "if you DUI!"
Justin: "no way! I can't!"
Chantel: "come on, race Za! I'll be the prize!"
Justin: I gave her one look up and down and thought go for it bie's
Justin: "okay fine"

I started to pick up speed, I could not let Za win. I wouldn't let him win. I was just about to cross the finish line when I saw lights behind me not just any lights police lights. I was being pulled over.

I slowed down so I could talk to the cop. I then rolled down my window.

J: "Hello officer."

C: "out of the car please."

J: "What why? I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!"

C: "Out now!"

I got of the car and he started to pat me down.


The cop then went and got something out of his car.

C: "Blow into this please."

J: "Why?"

C: "Are you refusing orders?

J: "Fine!
I then blew into it and he went back to his car.

He came out about 20 minutes later and he pushed me up  the car and handcuffed me.


He then threw me in the back of the police car, then he got Chantel and did the same to her.

She looked at me with a sad face and whispered.

C: "I'm sorry Justin this is all my fault."

J: "Yeah it is." I said rudely.


J: "Just shut up!"

C: "Wow, I wonder what Tara is doing right now? What do you think she'll do when she see that her Daddy is in Jail?"

J: "SHUT UP! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M FEELING RIGHT NOW! I FEEL LIKE SHIT I LEFT MY BABY AT HOME AND GOT ARRESTED!"  I then looked out the window a tear fell down my cheek. What will my Beliebers think of me? What will Tara think? What will my family?

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