Dirty harry #imagine

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first harry story dsjhdjshzsfdh im nervous ok i hope you guys like it! - ko xxxx


you and liam have been bestfriends ever sice you can remember, he is super protective over you, he doesnt allow any boy to ever get near you, of course this annoys you but there is nothing you can do, he is like a brother to you and you love him.

currently your at some posh party with the one direction boys; they have all brought dates and liam chose you to go with him since danielle was busy. 'this sooooo boring' you think to yourself. you let your eyes scan the room suddenly your eyes land on harry, he is already staring at you very intensly, you start to feel goosebumps forming all over your body,his practicly undressing you with his eyes.

you've always had a thing for harry but of course nothing would ever happen between you two because first of all he was harry 'too sexy for you' styles and secondly because liam would probably saughter him if he ever touched you.

you drag your eyes away from him and instead divert your attention to the chattering people infront of you. after about half an hour you excuse yourself and leave to go to the bathroom, you dont really need the toilet you just really want to get away from all the snobby people.

as you leave you can feel a pair of eyes on you but you dont pay too much attention to it. you get to the bathroom and just as your about to close the door  when a foot is suddenly placed betweet the door, the door is then yanked open, harry quickly slides himself inside the toilet and closes the door behind you. "ha-harry" you stutter, in shock 'what the hell is he doing' you think to yourself "you look beautiful tonight" he whispers eyeing you up and down, you feel naked under his intense gaze. his eyes finally meet yours and you gasp lightly to yourself as you see the look in his deep blue eyes; they are glistening with lust and want, this scares you.

he steps closer to you and you instantly take a step back, he notices that you look scared and nervous and smirks "do i scare you y/n?" you shake your head no. he takes another step towards you, you take a huge step back but suddenly your back hits the wall, harrys see's this and quickly jumps infront of you before you can escape, he is so close to you right now that you can feel his hot minty breath stab against your cool bare cheeks, with one hand he caresses your cheeks the other hand is resting around your waist. you close your eyes awaiting your fate, a few moments pass and he still hasnt kissed you, you open your eyes to see whats taking him so long, you greeted by harrys smirking face "kiss me" he demands. you shake your head, his smirk disappears and the look of anger flashes through his eyes momentarily "dont make this harder for yourself" he warns.

you gulps and softy place your lips on his, as soon as your lips connect, harry pushes you hard against the wall and grinds himself against you, you cant help but moan softy as you feel his muscular body against you. he is so big compared to your tiny petite figure.

his large hands snake around your back and start to unzip your dress he then rips it completely off, you gasp and start covering yourself up with your hands as you feel over exposed, harry once again smirks devilishly at you, he grabs your wrists and hold it above your head, you whimper and struggle wanting him to let go, instead his grip only becomes tighter "look at me" he demands with a strong tone, you stop struggling and look up at him "i dont know why you cover yourself up so much, your fucking beautiful" with that he lets your wrist go, you start rubbing them; his grip of  was too tight, you're almost sure that they will be bruised tomorrow. he gently takes hold of wrists again and places a soft gentle kiss on red hand print which he caused "im sorry" he whispers, his lips travel up to your neck, "harry" you moan as he reaches you sweet spot. he pulls away from you and starts undressing himself. you watch as his sexy muscular sun kisses body comes into full view, harry notices you staring "like what you see?" he winks making your cheeks burn with a deep blush "dont blush like that, it makes me want to take you right now" he says with a low husky voice, his eyes are once again full of intensity  "what? thats not fair! i cant control when i blush!" you complain "oh so you do speak" he raises an eyebrow, you quickly look away from him trying to hide the blush that has creeped onto your face once more, harry grabs your chin and pulls your face towards him, he kisses you hungrily, you repond and kiss him back. you can feel him taking off his underwear, seconds later he starts removing yours too. he lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his torso, without a warning he forcefully slams himself into you.  it takes you a couple of seconds to adjust to his size. he pumps into you with ugency, you've never felt such perfect mix of pain and pleasure. you feel the pleasure building up in your core.  you moan with every thrust as he goes deep and hard into you hitting your g-spot. his thrusts get rougher with every noise you make.  he pounds into you harder and faster, "harry" you scream as  you finally reach your climax

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