41. Gem and ring.

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I opened another button and kissed her naval.

One more to go.

She gasped as my lips travelled more down.

Finally I popped the last button, revealing her pale V area and kissed her hairless pubis.

Instead of kissing her clitoris, my lips travelled down to her inner thighs were her vanilla scent was intoxicating me.

"Okay enough. Now my turn." She said breaking me from her intoxicating trance.

I raised to my height and was even more hard when I saw her in my open shirt.

She blushed and tried to cover herself but I stopped her.

"Don't. You're even more beautiful. How Elisa? I've never seen a vampire this beautiful." I said and she blushed even more.

Her heart must be supplying most of the blood to her cheeks instead of other organs by blushing this much.

I removed her shirt making her completely bare to me and I was barely stopping myself from taking her right there.

She was exquisite with her long hair surrounding her body, her lean shape with curves at right places, her rose bud nipples straining.

Fuck I'm going to come hard.

And she was a virgin.

Shower was a perfect place.

Now I won't smell her blood when I finally do it.

Thank God.

She took a deep breath and then her hands moved to my pants.

"It's only fair if you're without clothes as well." She said and I laughed out loud.

Her hands trailed along the waistband of my pants making me hard enough to take her right now but I restrained myself.

Her hands moved to my front and unbuttoned my pants making her blush again.

Just how musch is she going to blush?

Her hands went to the fly and travelled down along with it making my membrane pop out of the pants.

I immediately removed the pants from my legs and threw it behind me.

She looked from at me from top to bottom, her gaze straying longer on my private part and then to my face back again.

"I really don't know what to say." She said averting her eyes from me.

I took her hot cheek in my hand, "Actions speak louder than words." I said and kissed her again.

She kissed me as well.

Elisa's P.O.V

His lips were a wonderful bliss on mine as they moved with a rhythm on my mouth.

To say that he was well endowed would be the understatement of the century.

He was so muscular and big that I was scared if he could even fit inside me.

And oh God how much more am I going to blush?

His lips moved to my nipples again and began sucking.

Pure pleasure shooted across my body by those lips and I couldn't stop the moan coming out of my mouth.

While his lips were busy, his hands moved straight between my legs and parted them apart.


"Shhh..... don't worry, I'll be as slow as possible." He said and then licked the area under my breast causing me to hit my heat against the marble.

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