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     You looked down into the beds, smiling at the three small children before rubbing your stomach.

     First triplets, and now twins on the way. One of you, or both of you, were very fertile.

     His arms wrapped around you and he purred in your ear. "I made breakfast."

     You smiled, your fingers trailing along his arms, heart aching slightly when you felt the scars.

     He'd been depressed for a while, and was on some good medication that seemed to be helping.

     He seemed a bit off. Slow and distant, bumping into things and slurring his words. When you reached the kitchen he sounded like he was speaking a different language.

     "Fredbear?" You asked worriedly.

     He learned against the counter, looking into your eyes. He opened his mouth to speak and hit the floor.

     "Fredbear! What happened!?" You shrieked.

     His hand reached into his pocket and pulled out an empty pill bottle.

     The bottle had been full earlier.

     You crouched beside him, squeezing his hand as you called the hospital.

     You frantically rambled your information to the operator, who tried to calm you down.

     "Ma'am, it will be alright. Just stay on the line, okay?" You nodded, crying as she asked you questions about what he'd taken, when he'd taken it, and how much he'd taken.

     He was shuddering and wheezing, and finally you broke down crying, burying your face in his chest and gripping his shirt. His hands rested shakily on your back, as if he were hugging you, or trying to.

     "Sorry..." He managed to say, his body relaxing.

     "NO!!" You screamed. "DON'T YOU DARE DIE YOU BASTARD!!"

     He let out a low, pained moan and shivered. You heard the sirens and ran to the door, throwing it open and waving frantically.

     You led the paramedics to him and watched in worry as they took him into the ambulance.

     Why had he done it? Weren't the pills working? Why didn't he tell you? How could he try and kill himself again, right when you needed him the most?

     Was it even the depression that was the problem?

Hey guys! This story is based off of a roleplay, so most of the characters are not mine. They belong to Scott Cawthon, XxNight-skyxX Sasy_little_fox Trashiest-Trash Happy_Elizabeth

Those are the people this story inspired, even though I might not put some of their characters in here, or if they request that I don't.

This is dedicated to Sasy_little_fox who started this whole thing x3

Hope you enjoyed my little Freddles!



This story deals with themes such as depression, suicide, self-harm, and drug abuse and addiction. If this topic is uncomfortable for you to read about, you are struggling with these things, or are sensitive to these topics, read at your own risk. I do not want you to get hurt or hurt yourself, but it is your choice whether or not to read the story.

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