Chapter 1- Him

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This is my first story, and I'm kinda making it up as I go, so comments and feedback are appreciated. Its not actually finished yet because I wanted to get a sence of what people thought of it before I proceed. Cheers!

What is so wrong with being sixteen and not having, or wanting for that matter, a boyfriend? A big fat nothing in my opinion, sadly those around me seem to be a little less far along on the evolutionary scale than me, and automatically assume I have some kind of issue. Which I do not, I just never really saw anyone I liked enough, I mean of course there have been guys I've liked, crushes on celebrities blah blah, but when you spend six and a half hours a day, five days a week in the same room as the sweaty, testosterone-y guys in our school, you kinda don't wanna prolong the time you have to be with them. Of course my way of thinking does not extend to my friends. Namely my best friend, Amber. Its pretty much all she thinks about, well I'm sure its not ALL she thinks about, I mean then how would she get her homework done and buy presents for people, but I'd bet all of my money (which isn't saying much really) that at least 70% of her thoughts are about guys. Her newest crush, what they look like, how they smell, what clothes they wear. It's actually quite unnerving how much she talks about guys, I've told her many a time that she possesses all the makings of a stalker. A fact which I felt compelled to point out to her one Friday after school.

'Ok, ok just look at this picture and tell me he's not the hottest guy you've ever seen. Holly, just look. Look, look, look, look-'

'Amber, for the love of God, we are in a library, and if you don't shut up I am going to take this book-'

'Fine, Miss pissy, but you know if you'd just look I would shut up.'

I heaved a long suffering sigh, what did I do to deserve such an annoying best friend, of course I knew I was just as annoying as her most of the time but still. She threw the magazine onto the table, where it made a loud slapping sound, earning us another glare from the librarian.

'Y'know I think I'm gonna have to cut you off.' I whispered absentmindedly scanning the page for Ambers newest man love.

'Cut me off?' She asked looking puzzled.

'Yup, no more magazines for a month. Then maybe, just maybe, I could finish up my homework and we leave school at a reasonable hour like the normal folk.' I stuck my tongue out at her and snatched the magazine, stuffing it into my bag.

'Holly! How rude. That's my magazine, give it back.' She pleaded, attempting to give me puppy-dog eyes. She failed.

'Hmmm..Nope. I think I like it right where it is. I might even take it home with me instead of binning it.' I teased. It was only to be expected, she carries those stupid magazines around with her all the time.

'Hmf, you're a terrible friend. I hope you know that. Anyway I thought you had homework to do.' She scowled at the book I had been poring over to answer the gazillion science questions we had been given. I, unlike every other student in my school, did not have access to the internet. A fact which I often repeated in order to guilt Amber into taking pity on me and helping me with my homework. Unfourtunately we were in seperate science classes, and she didn't have any homework, hence the reason we were the only two pupils stuck behind on a Friday afternoon. Life sucks sometimes. Still, it did have its upsides, for Amber at least.

'Oooh Holl look its him, hes here! Is it me or is he hotter than last time I saw him. Nope don't answer that, you'll just embarass me in front of him. Do I look ok, crap I still have a ketchup stain on my jumper. Damn those stupid squeezy packet thingies. Ok if I cross my arms you can't even notice it, right?' She babbled, her eyes following the boy that had just entered the library. She currently had this thing for 'hot geeks' as she liked to call them. Ever since she'd first set eyes on him two weeks ago in the library she'd been obsessed. It wasn't like he was ugly or anything, in fact he WAS quite good looking, with his black hair (clearly a dye job) carefully tousled into disarray, and thoughtful hazel eyes. The problem was, he was very aware of it.

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