Let's Race.

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As usual Taylor sings loudly and horribly the whole way to the track, I barely notice because I'm totally enjoying myself

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As usual Taylor sings loudly and horribly the whole way to the track, I barely notice because I'm totally enjoying myself. I've missed driving my car so much, and a small part of me wants to run tonight. I've been having a mental battle with myself, to run or not run. The chances of something breaking are slim since so much has been repaired, but there's always a chance. It's the last night to race for the year, and the track won't be open until late May. I pull up next to Chase's Z and put my car into park. I guess I'll see what the night has in store.

As I exit my car, a thunderous roar erupts from behind and my head snaps towards the sound. A trail of classic cars are pulling into the parking lot, there has to be at least ten of them. All kinds of beautiful old school muscle. Chase appears next to me, "Damn." he mutters. I nod, because it's a glorious sight. I glance towards my brothers who are also watching with appreciation. The muscles park about three rows behind us, taking up almost a whole row. My eyes zero in on the black Camaro, just like the one at the junk yard. The rumble ceases as each car is shut off, and their drivers exit the cars.

Our group gathers in front of our cars and it slowly grows. Like flies on shit, the girls appear out of nowhere. Some familiar, some not. Chase pays no mind to any, and it's extremely satisfying. I lean against the front of my car, listening to the guys talk. A few other guys have joined us, asking Jeremy about his build. The announcer welcomes everyone to the last race of the season, thanking all for the support.

"This yours?" A male voice surprises me, making me jump. He laughs and apologizes. I glare at the stranger to my left.

"Yeah." I answer him while taking in his appearance. A hat is resting upon his head, but I can see his dark hair peeking out on the sides. He's tall, taller than me at least, slightly built but not bulky. He's cute. If I had to guess, I'd say he's my age but I've never seen him before.

"Nice.Don't meet many legit car chicks. What does she run?" He nods to my car.

"Just had some stuff done, last I ran in the high 15's." I shrug.

He nods, "Not bad. You going to run tonight?"

"Not sure. Just got her back, don't know if I wanna risk it."

"Now is the perfect time! You gotta break her in." he smiles, his eyes move above my shoulder towards my right, and I feel a presence at my back. "Hey man." the kid greets.

"Hey." Chase speaks. "Who're you?"

"Oh." He laughs a little and puts out his arm, "I'm Kyle."

Chase reaches around me to shake his hand, "Chase, this is V."

Kyle reaches his hand out towards Chase, then to me, "Nice to meet you guys! Which is yours?" He asks Chase who's hand is now on my arm.

"The Z."

"Nice man! She's sexy! What do you run?"

"I'll find out tonight."

Kyle nods.

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