Chapter Two • September 6th, 2016

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••• September 6th, 2016 •••

You settle yourself into your freshly assigned seat in the classroom. You peek over to Bokuto from it to see if he observed you skipping over your old spot. He did. "(l/n)! What are you doing all the way over there!"

Teacher1 urges, "Bokuto, use your inside voice."

"Right." Bokuto responds to the teacher. "What are you doing over there?"

"I-I have a better view of the board."

You can't help but feel lousy that you lied to him. Bokuto seems friendly but he is a little too distracting. But he'll be alright. "Aw..okay.."

Class goes on.

You keep hearing delicate grumbles from your seat, so you glance to the source to discover it is Bokuto. The smokey-haired male continues to look back and fourth between the board to the worksheet in front of him. You can uncover that he is in distress and you can only imagine it is because he doesn't understand the math lesson.

Maybe the letter was given to you to benefit Bokuto? It is all about him. No, it said its purpose was to not loose him, whatever that means. That probably won't even happen anyway. The first thing that was asked of you was to sit next to him. Maybe the request is to assist him in his studies? Should you move back? If the letter says to keep your old seat, maybe you should follow it for now.

You collect your school materials and stealthily journey back to your old seat before the teacher can turn around. You set your items down onto the desk and proceed with your notes. Bokuto shifts his attention to you, now next to him. "What are you doing? What about seeing the board better?"

"It wasn't that much better of a view. Are you having a hard time with learning this?"

"Yes. I never understand anything!"

You already learned this material at your old school, Nekoma. They must be further along than Fukurodani. Teacher1 is writing review problems on the board to make sure everyone is confident in how to set them up. You make an offer, "I can help you if you slide your desk over to mine."

"Really? Thank you!"

Bokuto rises from his seat and latches onto his desk. The legs grate against the floor as he drives it against yours. You don't think he could have moved his desk any louder than he did. The class revolves their concentration to the two of you. Teacher1 voices with narrow eyes, "What are you two doing?"

"[l/n] is helping me!"

"I learned this already at Nekoma so I figured I would help him out if that's alright."

The teacher agreed with your decision and you can only guess that it's for the better. He must not understand math related things easily. At least you're here now.

Your pencil neatly trails over the paper to write out a new problem. You ask him to solve it himself to see how much he knows, he did alright until about halfway.

For the rest of the subject, you took your time with Bokuto. You have a lot of patience so it was wasn't frustrating to teach him. Once he had the hang of it by the end of class, he became so elated that he learned how to do it. It was adorable. Although, throughout teaching him he would get discouraged so you had to support him so he would pick himself back up again.

"Thank you for helping me, [l/n]. Usually people get frustrated with me after a while of helping me. You were really nice to me." Bokuto reported.

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