Growing Suspicions

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A yawn escapes me as my eyes flutter open. To my surprise, everything is dark. I rub the sleep out of my eyes before feeling around. I find myself trapped in a human-sized box. My brows scrunch together in confusion and try to think of what happened last night. I was at the Undertaker's, right? This must be a coffin. I catch a sliver of light entering the box. The lid wasn't on completely, leaving a small crack.

"Ah ha!" I push the lid off, finding it to be a lot lighter than I originally thought. It falls to the floor as I shoot up from my sleeping position. Upon doing this, I had accidentally scared the s*** out of a certain, blue-eyed earl and his company. I close my eyes as another loud yawn escapes me, and I ruffle my hair to wake me up a bit more. I hadn't noticed the presence of the other people in the room until I heard Undertaker's signature laugh.

"Who the bloody hell are you!?" Exclaims a familiar woman dressed in crimson.

"Huh?" I raise a brow at her. I blink a few times in surprise when I realize it's Madam Red. I scratch the back of my head. I don't think I've fully awakened yet, for I don't respond to her question. "Oh, sorry?" I find myself unsure of whether or not I should bother explaining myself. I decide against it, since I have my own task to deal with. I stand up and get out of the coffin before dusting myself off. I then turn to Undertaker, completely disregarding the others.

"Where did that guy go? You didn't let him loose, did you?" I raise a brow at the grey haired male, who cackles in response. I came to the logical conclusion that he was the one to put me in that coffin.

"I stored his body in the basement, so he wouldn't yell at my customers anymore." He does one of those creepy chuckles that I can't help but smile at. The reaper's laugher is so contagious. I shoot finger guns at him with a tired grin and a wink.

"Sweet. Thanks for letting me crash here. See you 'round losers." I say before throwing open the door that I assume leads to the basement. I guessed correctly. I begin my descent down the wooden steps, noting how much stronger the smell of dead bodies got with every step I take. I had to cover my nose by the time I got to the bottom of the stairs.

'Note to self: get Undertaker some scented candles because this is just nasty.' I gag, sticking out my tongue as I do so, before scanning the room for my prisoner. I find him sitting in the corner of the room, still tied up with rope. I hold in a chuckle at his horrified expression as I grab the man. Who knew I could be so frightening?

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