True love!

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                          The next day
"Today's gonna be great" tanner said while brushing his teeth. "It is" said Quentin. Dylan decided to stay home on vidcon day 2 because there was not really anything to do. Tanner wore some jeans and a Nike shirt while Quentin wore jeans and a under armor. Sam and Cassidy wore some shorts and a t shirt. Quentin and tanner called a uber to get to vidcon. It was SUPPERRR packed there had to be twice the people there that was here yesterday. Tanner was really anxious to see sam. Quentin planned on asking Cassidy out at the musically booth!! He could not wait.
Tanners pov
I really love this girl named Sam. She's really nice and I really care about her. I want to ask her out but maybe that's rushing? I really need some advice and I need to talk to someone who has some good answer. I know I will call my sister Taylor. So I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called her. (T:taylor Ta:tanner)
T:oh hey!!
T: why did u call me for?
Ta: well I called you for some advice.
T:like dating advice
T: ok spill the beans
Ta: ok so I like this girl named Sam and I don't want to rush into it.
T: ok so what I would do is maybe get her number and just talk for about a month
Ta:ok thanks
*hangs up*
   We got there at 10:45 and we meet them at 11 so we have to just wait.
                                Cassidy's pov
We got there and I immediately ran and hugged Quentin. I really want him to know that I like him. We decided to leave sam and tanner alone so we ran and grabbed a bite to eat at chick-fa-la. It only took us 20 minutes to eat so we ran to get some Starbucks. I got a vanilla bean frappe and Quentin just got a strawberry milkshake. We talked a lot about our selves and what we like to do. It ended up we both like a lot of the same things. I thought that was pretty cool!! On the way back to the booth Quentin finally gained enough courage to ask me out!! I was super happy and of course I said yes!  We both had to be the happiest people in the entire world.
                           Sams pov

When we got to the booth I saw tanner and I quickly ran up to him. Cassidy and Quentin left so it ended up just being me and tanner. We started blushing like crazy. It was silent for like about 5 mins then i finally said "so how was your night" "it was ok" he replied. Then the lights deemed and Jacob came on stage. He started singing one of his songs out of his EP. I think it's called like love me back. Tanner knew the song but I didn't. He was lip singing the song and I was dying laughing.He pointed to me. I started blushing like crazy again!!
I hope u enjoyed chapter 5. This was actually really fun to make! Chapter 6 maybe at 55 reads? Make sure to follow me for more interesting content! Anyways love y'all♥️

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