"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know," he said, with an eye roll. "I've heard it all before."

"You don't believe it?"

"It's a rumor, kid. You can't believe everything you hear," he said in a harsh tone, and I shrunk back in my chair, letting out a huff. I was sixteen, not six, and I wasn't stupid.

"Whatever," I muttered before picking up one of the old magazines that dad had left lying on the outdoor table, and I began to read about the best fishing spots in the southern United States, doing my best to ignore the cute jerk next to me.

I looked up from the magazine when my dad and Mr. Cullen walked over to us, laughing with huge smiles on their faces.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here tonight, Carlisle?" Dad asked, and Mr. Cullen shook his head.

"Nah, we've got the boat," he said before shaking my dad's hand and motioning for his son to join him.

With a wave my way, I watched as Edward and his dad walked away, and I turned to look at my dad.

"What's going on, Dad? Edward mentioned that his dad found the Sirène."

Dad nodded as he informed me that Carlisle was pretty sure he'd found the ship's location down near the British Virgin Islands, and he had invited Dad to join him.

"If you're going, I'm going," I told him, arms crossed over my chest. There was no way I was going to miss out on this.

"Bells," Dad began with a sigh. "Your mother is expecting you for the summer."

I let out an ugly snort at his words. "Oh, please. She'll be thrilled not to have me around. Besides, she's got a new boyfriend, and I'm sure she'll want to spend all her time with him."

Dad let out a sigh as he stared at me before telling me that I would had to call my mother and let her know I didn't want to visit her in Phoenix.

"Fine," I agreed, rushing inside to do just that.

The conversation with my mother went exactly as I expected. She did her best to sound upset and put off that I didn't want to visit her, but there was a note of relief in her voice as well.

"Sorry, Mom. I'm sure I'll be back before the summer is over, and I'll spend a week with you then if that's okay?"

Mom agreed, and I let out a whoop after I hung up the phone before rushing to tell Dad that Mom was cool with me not visiting.

Three days later, Dad and I were boarding Breaking Dawn, the boat, well yacht really, owned by Carlisle. And boy, was it a beauty. It was a hundred foot yacht, with four large staterooms, four and a half bathrooms, a huge living room, kitchen, and large decks.

Esme, Edward's mom, greeted me on the deck with a hug, which I returned, before she told Edward to show him where I'd be staying, and he begrudgingly agreed.

As I followed him down the stairs below deck, I noticed that he had a scowl on his face.

"Why didn't you just stay at home?" I asked him as he showed me to the cabin I'd be staying in.

"My folks want me here, so here I am," he said bitterly, and I rolled my eyes at his surly tone. It sounded like he'd rather be anywhere else than here, and I figured he'd rather spend his summer on a beach somewhere, partying with other frat boys because there was no way that Edward Cullen wasn't a frat boy.

I could barely contain my irritated sigh as he pointed to the room the that was mine. I dropped my bag on the bed before making my way back to the deck where my dad was talking with Edward's parents.

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