Chapter 22

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"I love the sight of this" Camila sighed in bliss as she woke up, seeing her girlfriend hold their baby girl.

"Well hello there my beautiful baby momma" Lauren spoke with a wide smile as she saw Camila playfully role her eyes.

"Lolo, we need to take about names still"

"A while back you told me what you wanted the baby's name to be, are we still going for that?"

"You remember?" Camila asked as she sat up to get a better view of her daughter in Laurens arms.

"Of course I do baby, now are we having a middle name too? Oh and is it going to be Jauregui-Cabello or Cabello-Jauregui?" Lauren asked as she played with her daughter small hand.

"I think Cabello-Jauregui sounds much better, what middle name should we think of?"

"I don't know, it needs to go well with her forename and our surnames though" Lauren spoke as she looked deep in thought, this was cut short when a nurse came in to ensure that both Camila and the baby were fine and clear to go home. They both were.

"I cannot wait to go home, our little baby is going to see her bedroom" Camila cooed as she got up from the bed and towards Lauren who gently placed the baby into a baby carrier before walking towards the door and waiting for Camila to follow on.

"As soon as we step out of this room... This will just become more fucking real to me" Lauren blushed at the thought.

"Stop swearing in front of our baby" Camila scolded.

"Crap, already and I've fuc-fudged up" Lauren spoke as she kissed Camila before the little family left the hospital and made their way towards Laurens car.

"I'll put her in" Camila said in reference to the baby car seat.

"Sure babe, do we have everything before I drive?"

"Yeah I think, I've got my bag which had everything prepared for my stay during the hospital, I've got my phone, you've got your bags- whats in them anyway?" Camila asked.

"Nothing that you need to worry about. Okay so we're ready?"

Camila looked at her daughter and back up towards the driver seat where Lauren was before confirming, "we're ready"

The car ride was nice, music gently played as Camila hummed lullabies to the still sleeping child, as Lauren quietly drove the car to their family home, thinking of what the future will be like for her and her family.

"Little princess, look, we are home" Camila whispered as the car pulled into the driveway.

"This shit is happening" Lauren chuckled somewhat nervously.

Lauren helped Camile get out of the car before going to get the baby carrier out and handing it to Camila whilst Lauren brung the bags into the home. As the parents and baby were at the front door, Lauren put the key in the door before turning to look at Camila and the baby, before smiling and then opening the door.

"Lolo, can we wake her up?" Camila asked as she sat down at a chair with the baby carrier near her.

"In a few more days, you'll think of how foolish that question is when she won't sleep at all" Lauren teased as she joined her girlfriend on the chair and hugged her.

"So what now?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well... What do we do now? We have a baby. Our lives have just freaking changed drastically"

"Well, I'm going to make my beautiful girlfriend some lunch. You my darling, are going to rest" Lauren spoke as she placed Camila's feet up onto a foot rest before she left the room.

"I just want a sandwich please?" Camila asked as she received an 'okay' from Lauren.

As she went into the kitchen Lauren instantly texted Dinah telling her that they were home, before making Camila a chicken sandwich.

"Oh my god, this is so good" Camila moaned as she took a bite of the sandwich Lauren had prepared.

"Yeah yeah, I'm going to bring one of the baby basket downstairs, that way she'll be more comfortable" Lauren informed Camila as she went upstairs leaving Camila and the baby alone.

"Hey little one, I'm your mommy, or mamma, I don't really know that myself to be honest, I think mamma or mommy Lolo will need to talk about what we are going to be called. Anyways, this is a really scary thing, like in years to come, you may become a spoilt teenager who loves to act like a brat. Just please... Don't hate me, or Lolo. We will not let you do everything you want, you know why? Because we care for you, we want you safe, so don't blame us if we 'suffocate' you with our parenting. Oh and yeah, you have two mommies, the world is a horrible place unfortunately and chances are, they'll be some people who look down on us for being in a same sex family. People may tease you for not having a 'father' in your life, but guess what? You don't need one. Mommy Lolo and I love you dearly, and the love mommy Lolo has for you, is so much better and bigger than the person who is basically just a pathetic excuse of a donor for you. I pray you love both of us just as much as we love you, because you my darling baby, you are Emiren Blair Cabello-Jaauregui, and you are so important to not only your mommies, but to your grandparents, your uncles and aunties, and everyone else who will be blessed to know you. There'll be days you may not like who you are, or how you look. But your mommy Lolo and I will always make sure that from the minute you wake up go the minute you fall asleep, we will remind you what a beautiful, brave and strong little madam you are. You've got a smile worth fighting for, and we will do whatever we can to make you smile, we will always love you and support you, we know the struggles in life, so we will always be there when you need someone to talk to,  you've basically helped me have a second chance at my happily ever after. Mommy and I love you so very much, Em".

A.N- I  wrote this chapter at 2:53am and the last paragraph has really made me emotional ngl.

It was so hard to come up with the middle name for baby Emiren, like  I feel it doesn't sound right, but I spent ageeeees on baby name websites looking for suggestions and I saw Blair and was instantly reminded of Leighton Meesters(😍)  character in Gossip Girl and thought, why not?

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