Chapter 49

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Suman's POV.

I rushed out and hugged Nanu. "Nanu! Why didn't you tell me you are coming?"

"Who are you?" Shravan's Dadaji asked and I realised the question was directeD towards me!

Not surprisingly he did not recognise me, just as I had not recognised him to begin with. It has been a long time since we had met. I had still been a school going child when he had last seen me.

Before I could respond "I thought you were Suman, but who are you really?"

It took me a moment to register what he was saying and I started to say "I-" the 'am Suman' part that I was going to say by way of confirmation never got a chance to be uttered.

"And you two, have you finished gawking at me? When do you plan to let me inside?" This was directed at the still open mouthed gaping grandsons of his.

Both of them seemed to come out of a trance "Yes! Dadaji-" Shravan started before he was pushed aside by his grandfather.

"Never mind. You both continue with your gawking I am going in."

"Dadaji! It is so good to see." Pushkar started before he was stopped with "Which room am I staying in?"

"Dadaji, there are four guestrooms in-" Shravan started to say before he was interrupted with "Guestroom? You are going to treat me as a guest? Is that how you treat your own grandfather?"

"No! What I mean is-"

"Are done staring around or do you plan to stay at the door?" this was directed at my Nanu..

"Just ignore this crazy old man all of you. He gives himself too much importance." Nanu said looking pointedly at his friend and instead said warmly "How are you Shravan and Pushkar?"

Both of them smiled and greeted him with a smile and folded hands in 'namaste.'

"Stop misguiding children you silly old man!" Dadaji was quick to retort. "Come here my child." He contined pulling me gently by my hand "You seem the only sensible one here. You still did not tell me who you are though."

I smiled at him. He is just like I remember him. Overbearing and loving! "I am Suman Dadadji."

"Then why are you here?" He asked frowning. "You should never be with this brainless grandson of mine. He does not deserve a friend like you!" He said glaring at Shravan.

I gasped in shock and saw Sharavn go red faced with embarrassment. "Dadaji, he is my best friend and really cares about me." I muttered softly feeling awkward.

My heart went out for Shravan and wanted to go to him and tell him hug him, which I could not right now.

Shravan came forward with his head slightly bent in embarrassment "You are right Dadaji. She is too good for me." I started to protest but Shravan continued. "I have been very foolish towards her with my anger and bitterness, but now I hope to make amends." His lips twitched slightly as he went on "Besides, I am too selfish to let go of a true friend like her." The last bit he said softly, looking at me.

I don't know why, all of a sudden I had this sudden urge to cry. I blinked away rapidly as soon as the tears pricked my eyes, not wanting anyone to see them.

"Come here." Dadaji's stern voice sounded as he beckoned Shravan to him. He gave Shravan a long hard look before his features softened and he opened his arms for a hug. "At last you seem to have come to your senses." He patted Shravan lovingly on his back looking at him fondly.

With his arm still around Shravan he turned to Pushkar "You need a special invitation to greet your grandfather after ten years?"

Pushakar went forward with a grin and this time I let a few tears shed as I saw the two Malhotra brothers engulf their grandfather in a loving hug from either sides.

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