When the World Stopped.

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Johnny's P.O.V

Christine and I were driving home from the Gala. We hadn't spoke one word since the dance and it made me wondered if I got too close to her. I took a glance at her and she was looking at me, but she looked out the window again. I couldn't get the feel of my body off of my skin, but God that had to be the best feeling that I've felt in a while. It gave me butterflies. Then we got to her house and went inside still not saying a word. "I'm gonna go take a shower." I told her. Christine nodded and I went to Lance's bathroom and started undressing. Right when I took off my white shirt, I heard a scream coming from the living room. I jumped And ran in with just dress pants on and socks. There on the TV, I saw the words on the news that made the world stop for the both of us. "Lance Randall Collins commits suicide in France hotel room."

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