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This is very much a Louis Tomlinson x Harry Styles slash fic so if you dont like this kind of thing i suggest you don't read this ;)


Harry's POV

After four weeks of poking, proding, x-rays and constant check ups i was finally allowed to go home. To say im relieved is an understatement. FINALLY I GET TO LEAVE THIS HELL HOLE WHERE THE BED SMELLS LIKE CATS AND THE FOOD DOES TOO!

And im definately excited for the privacy of my own room with an actual door. The room in in now just has a curtain which nurses think they can just burst through at any time they want.
It's like, Oh Hey there! I see that you're naked! no worries, just let me test your blood pressure then i'll be out of your hair for two minutes before i intrude your privacy for another pointless check up.

As i got healthier, i was allowed to go for walks outside the hospital, but only for half an hour and only when i had someone over the age of 18 with me, and since all my friends are over 18 im one lucky guy.

All of my injuries had healed completely! well except for my surgery cut, but its just a dim pink line, you cant even see it if you aren't looking for it, And it's under my shirt so it won't cause anymore worry to our fans.

Right now im sitting on the end of my bed on Twitter waiting for the boys to come and pick me up. I recently posted that i was getting out of the hospital today and i got a good reaction for our fans and they were glad i was healthy again. But i couldn't stop thinking about the doctors behaviour towards me...

They're acting like they're keeping something from me, like there's something else wrong, but there can't be, i feel great, awesome infact. I guess it's just my overthinking again.

And then my thoughts fly back to four weeks ago when I THINK Louis asked me out. Although i can't be sure... But he did say he wants to take me to lunch... But he's taken me to lunch before and that was completely innocent... But he did look like he meant it.... No he couldn't have... Bu-

I blocked out the voices in my head. My brain was driving me crazy, can't i stop thinking for three minutes?

I sighed and fell back onto my temporary bed and stared up at the ceiling, wishing there was some way i could know for sure how exactly he felt about me.


Niall's POV

I couldn't help but smile as wide as i could when i completed my plan.

What plan is this? I like to call it..


Pretty cool ayye?

Anyways, recently Liam and I decided we were gonna try to get Harry and Louis together. We told Zayn and he's more than happy to help, Now i needa do something about Louis.......

Harry would bite my head off if he knew i was doing this but he'll thank me eventually...if i live that long after he finds out... Ah, im faster than him anyway. Ma' Mullingar legs carry me faster than some kids from Cheshire could.

I hopped down the stairs excitidly to go inform Liam and Zayn about my plan, then i remembered Louis' still here. I need to get him out of the house... but how?

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