Family Get Together

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I was watching Theo get dressed as I laid on the bed with nothing but a blanket on. He was determined to get to the meeting my Uncle Zane called but I was dreading the thought of it. I hated when we had a family meeting because that meant we were going to have to go fight and kill and I never took war easily. 

"Baby, get out of bed," he groaned as he slid on a black shirt. I bit my lip in appreciation since he was so damn sexy in all black and still ignored him. "Aiden."

My eyes met his dark ones. "I hate war," I finally whined as he threw a giant white crew neck on the bed and white skinny jeans for me. He walked over to me and slid the sheet off of me, seeing all the bruises and marks from the previous night on me. I watched his eyes darkened and giggled, snapping him out of his lustful state. 

He pulled me up by my long arms and then grabbed the giant shirt he grabbed for me. He slid it on me and I pouted like a child. "You look fucking adorable right now, Aiden, but you're being annoying." He pushed me back by my face so I fell back on the bed and then started to shove my legs into the white skinny jeans. He got them all the way up and tucked my dick down so no one could see it and then zipped them up for me. "I love you baby but you need to get yup."

I whined but did stand up. I pecked his cheek and giggled when he rolled his eyes. He loved me. He just said it. 

I walked into our adjoined bathroom and looked at my sex hair in amazement. It was fucking everywhere. My mind thought back to how rough he had been, yanking my hair as he fucked me from behind. Man, my mate knew how to wreck me. 

"You're damn right!" he shouted back at me and I laughed before starting to braid the mess on both sides of my head back into a bun. I let a few of the small curls do what they wanted and grinned at myself before picking up a few small white flowers clips off the counter and shoving them in my braid. 

"You look beautiful," I heard him say and turned to see him standing against the door sill. I smiled at him and leaned down to give him a quick kiss that he made last as his hand wrapped around my neck and the other around my hips.

"Everything will be okay, baby," he said against my lips and then we both walked out of the room. I pulled him along with me and smiled at all the men who still drooled over me but Theo made it known I was his by the way he glared at everyone and even gripped my ass in his hand. I thought he was super cute but the other wolves all walked away with their tails between their legs. 

We entered the family room that was used for meeting and I quickly yanked Theo over to my papa and dad who were both sitting beside Zayn and Jessie. We were sitting at a giant round table with each member around it and everyone with their significant other. I smiled at everyone and then we all quieted down when Rixon and Zyler finally walked in. Zyler was being carried and he looked fucked out so there was no questioning why they were so late. 

"Okay, Hank. Your child is just like you," Uncle Jessie teased from beside his mate. Zane laughed and kissed his temple as Hank blushed and shrugged. 

"Our kid likes sex. No one cares," Nathan said but still glared Rixon down. "He better be able to walk, Rixon."

"No promises, father dearest," he teased and was rewarded with a slap from Zyler. Everyone laughed at their antics but I felt Theo being closed off. I looked over at him and found him staring at everyone in my family with confusion. 

They're all so normal. 

I leaned over. "We are part-human still, Theo." He looked over at me with his nose scrunched up and I kissed him there softly. "You'll figure us out eventually."

"It took me being one," Uncle Jessie said from across the table. 

"You used to be human?" Theo asked looking from me to my uncle. 

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