LXVII- The Branding Ceremony #1

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"I'm sorry for tomorrow as well," Greyson sighed.

"Tomorrow?" Indianna frowned. "Why?"

"The Branding Ceremony will happen then."

Indianna groaned. "I just want a break!"

"I'm sorry, it has to happen-"

"I know, I know," Indianna sighed. "I know it has too."

"Once it's done we'll work on getting Rogue," Greyson said and frowned at Indianna, letting her thoughts flood his mind. "Indie, you're not having second thoughts about killing him are you?"

"No," Indianna said quickly, but she chewed on her lip and furrowed her eyebrows. "Well... Yes... I just can't help but think that maybe he wouldn't be like this if our parents would have kept him, let him stay-"

"Indianna, shut the hell up," Greyson snapped. "He's a monster. Maybe he didn't deserve to get kicked out, but did Brooke deserved to get kidnapped and raped? Did your father deserve to die? Did you deserve to get attacked at five years old? Did Cassie deserve to die? Did-"

"Okay," Indianna blurted and covered Greyson's mouth with her hands. "Okay. Please don't say anymore."

"I don't care that he didn't deserve to get kicked out of his pack, he's a monster, no matter his past," Greyson said sternly and took Indianna's hands in his. "He needs to get put down."

Indianna nodded slightly and took a deep breath. "So what's going to happen tomorrow with the Branding Ceremony?"

"It will happen at nightfall," Greyson said. "Ellie will be branded first by me, then you will be branded."

"I'm scared."

"It's tough, but you can handle it," Greyson said surely. "You're strong."

Indianna sighed. "Do you have to do it as well?"

Greyson shifted uncomfortably and nodded, looking at Indianna with pain filled eyes. "Yes. Last."

Indianna swallowed. "... Great."


"Laura, you wanted to see me?" Indianna said, knocking on Laura's bedroom door.

"Yes, Indie, come in, come in," Laura said kindly, waving Indianna into her room. Laura was standing by her bed looking at a white dress that was laid out. "I wore this at my Branding ceremony," Laura said once Indianna was next to her.

"It's lovely," Indianna murmured, looking at the white lacy material.

"I want you to wear it," Laura said.

"It looks awfully dressy," Indianna commented.

"The ceremony is a huge event," Laura said seriously. "You're going to complete the pack. Make it whole."

Indianna turned to Laura and gulped. "I'm scared."

Laura smiled sympathetically. "I was too."

"How bad is it?" Indianna whispered.

Laura sighed and took Indianna's hand. "I'm sorry, dear," Laura said. "It's awful. The pain is like nothing I've ever endured before."

"How long does it take?" Indianna wondered.

"It lasted half an hour for me," Laura said. "But I wasn't conscious for about half of it."

"Conscious? Why?" Indianna gasped.

"I passed out due to the pain," Laura frowned. "I woke up just as Mark branded me. It was horrible."

"Oh my god-"

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