"Sure, mum," Jason shrugged and walked out of his father's office. He walked through the pack house and made his way upstairs, walking into his room and setting Indianna on his bed. Jason laid down next to Indianna and picked up his Nintendo, firing up a shooting game. Indianna was amused by one of his toy guns on the bed and she laughed happily to herself as she picked up the gun and waved it around.

A few hours passed and Jason entertained himself playing games, annoying Indianna by firing soft foam bullets at her out of a gun and kicking a football at the wall, occasionally placing Indianna on the floor so she could try to push it in his direction.

Jason rolled his eyes when Indianna fell onto her bum after pushing the ball and loosing his balance. She looked shocked, but her sparkling brown eyes looked up at her brother and she grinned brightly, erupting into a fit of giggles. 

"Jason!" She exclaimed and held her arms out, demanding to be picked up. "Jason!"

Jason smiled at his little sister and scooped her up from the floor, resting her on his hip. "Indie!" He mimicked and tickled her stomach. "Indie!"

"No!" She squealed and writhed about. "Nooo!"

"You know she hates being tickled, Jason," Iris said from the doorway to Jason's room. She smiled at the sight of her two children and Jason grinned.

"It's funny," he shrugged and tickled Indianna again, chuckling when she squirmed and squealed. "Little Indie is defeated by being tickled!"

"Come downstairs, there's some people you need to meet," Iris said and Jason stopped tickling his sister and ruffled her brown hair. Iris placed her hand on Jason's back as they walked through the pack house and went back to Peter's office where he was joined with 3 people. "Mark, Laura, Martha, meet our children," Iris said and softly nudged Jason forward. "Our son, Jason, and our daughter, Indianna."

"My, aren't you both adorable," Laura said brightly and walked up to Jason. "It's lovely to meet you, Jason."

"You too," Jason nodded.

"Son, this is Alpha Mark and Luna Laura of the Warrior Pack," Peter said. "And this is Martha, an old friend of ours. She used to live in England until she found her mate in the Warrior Pack and moved to America," Peter explained.

"Do you still do predictions, Martha?" Iris wondered as Jason shook Laura's hand and then walked over to Mark to shake his. Indianna was greeted by Laura gently taking her hand and squeezing it softly. Mark ruffled Indianna's hair and smiled.

"They come to me still, yes," Martha replied as Jason walked up to her. He politely held his hand out and Martha shook it, smiling warmly, however she stiffened when they made contact.

"Martha has a special ability," Peter told Jason as he retreated back to stand next to Iris. 

"A gift," Martha corrected. "I can't control it."

"What is it?" Jason asked.

"She can predict the future," Iris smiled. "It's really unique."

"Sometimes I get visions," Martha explained. "It's rare, but they all come true?"

"Every single one?" Jason gasped.

"Yes," Martha nodded.

"Cool!" Jason grinned. "Could you predict my future?"

Martha chuckled nervously and shook her head. "It doesn't work that way, I'm afraid," she said. "I don't choose when my visions come to me."

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