LXVI- Jason

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Indianna looked up when she heard Greyson's voice and she watched as he stepped to the side to reveal her mother. Iris looked worn down and exhausted. She had dark bags under her eyes and her skin was sickly pale.

Indianna swallowed and watched her mother with cold eyes as she walked into the room. Greyson followed behind her and placed a chair beside the bed for Iris. He then sat next to Indianna and took her hand, drawing circles onto the back of it.

"Indie, I am sorry," Iris said after an awkward silence. "I'm so sorry I didn't tell you-"

"I don't want apologies," Indianna said. "I want answers, mum. I have a brother, how is that possible?"

Iris stiffened and sighed. "It's a long story."

"I have time."

"I guess I better start at the beginning then," Iris gulped.

"That would be beneficial," Greyson snapped. "No more lies, Iris. You tell Indie the truth or I will, despite your wishes."

Iris nodded and looked at her daughter. "Before you were born, Indie, your father and I had a son. Your brother. He was a lovely child. We both loved Jason to pieces. He was the apple to our eye."

"What happened?"

"Jason started to act out. It was nothing major at first, but some of the things he did weren't normal of a child. He enjoyed suffering. He used to catch rabbits, squirrels and enjoy killing them. He was 10 when you were born and for two years we lived happily. He was a little strange at times, but having you made him better. He wasn't as," Iris cringed when she said the next word, "mental when you were around. He cared for you like an older brother should have. He loved you."

"He has a funny way of showing that now," Greyson growled.

"One day, we were given some bad news," Iris whispered. "That news changed everything."


"Indianna!" Peter Hughs gasped and picked up his grinning two year old daughter. Indianna squealed in delight as she was spun around in the air and she clapped her hands, wanting her father to do it again. "I think I'm getting old," Peter chuckled as Iris Hughs walked into his office with Jason, their 12 year old son, by her side. "That was a lot easier when you were younger, son."

"Perhaps I should take her, old man," Jason teased. "I could take her to the woods, show her the rabbits I killed. I skinned them too! It was so gruesome! It was awesome!"

"Jason," Iris frowned and placed her hand on her sons shoulder. "What did I say about those animals!"

Jason pouted and crossed his arms over his chest, looking angrily at the floor. "To not harm them."

"You will do well to remember that, young man," Iris said sternly.

"Listen to your mother, son," Peter nodded. "Take your sister, Jason, we have visitors arriving soon."

Jason looked up and he grinned as Peter passed Indianna over to him. "Who?" Jason wondered as he easily held up his squirming sister.

"Alpha Mark and Luna Laura," Peter told his son. "They are from a pack in America, but are close friends. Them along with a few pack members are here on a social visit."

Jason nodded and laughed when Indianna reached up and poked his face. "I'm going to take Indie up to my room," he said.

"Be on your best behaviour when they arrive, Jason," Iris said. 

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