;chapter fifteen

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a/n: this family is so fucking hot like how?

recap: Ally got in a car crash & is now in a coma. joey stays with her everyday in hope that she'll wake up.

Alaska's pov
bright light seeped through my eyelids making me feel blind.

i looked around after rubbing my eye to get my vision clear again seeing everything being white. the only thing in colour was the boy sitting on a chair beside me on his phone.

"joey?" i said softly. he looked up from his phone & his eyes widened. "Alaska?"-J. "hi." "i can't believe you're awake."-J. "how long have i been out for?" "a week & a half."-J. "oh." "i'll go get the doctor." he said walking out of the room.

a couple minutes later, he came back with a doctor.

"hello Alaska. i'm doctor James. you are probably wondering why you're here, yes?"-dr. "yeah." "well, you were in a serious car accident. you were stopped at a stop light when a drunk driver came speeding in & crashed into the side of your car. to be precise, the drivers side of the car."-dr. "oh."

"you broke your femur in the process & got knocked into a coma."-dr. all i did was nod my head as he continued. "you will be on crutches for 4 months, then you will get a boot. i know it sounds like just simple walking but your leg is gonna be so sore & have no muscle because you won't be using it."-dr. why did this happen to me? ugh. "ok thank you. when do i get to leave?" i said very bluntly.

honestly, i don't even care about what he said cause i can't do anything about me having a broken leg. it's gonna affect all my daily activities. i hate my life.

"you can leave in about an hour. i'll just get you everything."-dr. "k thanks." i said as he left.

"so...how long have you been here at the hospital for?" i asked joey. "i am here everyday for the whole day."-J. "oh." i said looking down. "i can't believe i kept you from your life. i'm so sorry." "Alaska, it's not your fault. besides, i wanted to be here with you, it wasn't like you were forcing me here."-J. i guess he's right. "well thank you. i love you." "i love you too Alaska."-J.
———— *an hour later* ————
the doctors gave me my meds for the pain & stuff, then joey drove me to my house. i said thank you & went inside.

my mom immediately pulled me into a hug. "oh my god sweetie. i've missed you so much."-mom. "i missed you too mom."

after her hug, Maisie came downstairs & hugged me. after all the hugging, i went up to my room & watched some tv then went to bed.
————— *next day* —————
i woke up to a text from Joey.

J- "good morning bbg ;) xx"
A-"morning bb :) xx"
J-"wyd today?"
J-"ok well i'm going over to Cam's to film a youtube vid with him & Blake. u wanna come?"
J-"i'll be over in 20mins x"
A-"k x"

i started getting ready by changing ⬇️

doing my morning routine, then i went over to his house

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doing my morning routine, then i went over to his house.

i wasn't really used to crutches yet so i was kinda struggling & tired.

anyways, i went outside & Joey was waiting in his car. we drove to Cam's place & Blake was already there.

"Ally, it's great to see you."-cam. "it's great to see you too Cam." he hugged me.

"hey Ally."-Blake. Blake hugged me. "i'm sorry to hear what happened."-Blake. "me too."-cam. "thank you."

"ok so let's go do the youtube vid."-cam. "Joey or Ally, i hope you guys have ideas cause we don't."-Blake. "idk. are we doing a challenge, just talking, or...?"-J. "i don't feel like doing a challenge rn."-cam. "k so i'll look up sit down youtube ideas."-J. he pulled out his phone & searched it. "we could do cute things girls do?"-J. "i like it."-Blake. "me too."-cam.

they all sat down on the couch & pressed record, as i sat behind the camera. "hey what's up you guys? it's Cam & i have a few guests here."-cam. "i'm Blake."-Blake. "& i'm Joey."-J. "& Ally behind the camera. so today were gonna be talking about cute things girls do."-cam.

"ok i'll start."-cam. "i love girls with glasses. they're so cute."-cam. "same."-Joey said & winked at me because i was wearing my glasses. "i like short girls, not saying i don't like tall girls but i just prefer to be taller than them."-J.

they kept doing their video for quite a while honestly but i didn't mind cause it was kinda interesting hearing what they liked. i never would've thought that Cam & Blake would like some of the characteristics they named.

after the vid, Joey & i went home to my house.

"so did you notice anything about what i look for in a girl?"-J. "no. what?" "they all describe you."-J. he sat on my bed & i sat on his lap facing him. "because i'm perfect?" i said flipping my hair. "i'm more perfect tho."-J. "i don't think that's possible." "honestly, me neither."-J.

i pushed him back so he was now laying on the bed, & kissed him passionately.

"what did i do to deserve you?" "be you."-J.

he hugged me then letting go he knocked me leg a tiny bit & i flinched in a bit of pain. "i'm so sorry!-J. "no it's fine. my leg has just been killing me all day." "do you want me to get you some advil?" he asked worried. he's so sweet. "no." "do you want me to do something to help?"-J. "yeah." "what?"-J. "can you kiss me better?" I asked making puppy dog eyes. "you want me to kiss your leg?"-J. "no I want you to kiss me better." "if you say so." he said lunging at me & kissing me.

"you." *kiss* "are really." *kiss* "cute" he said kissing me again. I smiled into the kiss which made him smile.

we sat there kissing for about 2 minutes then i asked him to sleepover so ofc he said yea.

"omg i don't know why i didn't ask you before but can i sign your cast?!" he said excited. "if you want." i kinda laughed as i sat down in a chair & put my leg up.

he got a sharpie & signed his name then put a heart beside it. he wrote it so big, it basically took up the whole front side of the cast. i laughed when i saw it.

later, we watched a movie & then went to sleep.


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