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Louis's P.O.V

Our concert is tonight, and we're all getting ready after an interview. Clara's asleep on the sofa and Tyler and Liam disappeared into their bedroom. I pull a blanket over Clara's sleeping form and go to my room to change. But when I'm finally putting on my shirt, I hear a series of gasps and whimpers. I swing the door open and find Clara still asleep on the sofa. She must be having a nightmare.

"Clara, wake up, love," I whisper, shaking her awake. She wakes up with a gasp, panting and looking panicked. "It's all right, love. You're okay. It was just a dream."

"I'm sorry," Clara apologizes, face flushed and ashamed. "It was just a bad dream."

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask softly.

"No, it's okay," she replies quickly. "I'm fine."

"If you want to tell me, love, it's okay. It won't bother me," I coax.

"I should get ready," she ignores me, standing and not meeting my eyes. I sigh as she leaves to her and Harry's room to get dressed.

Clara's P.O.V

I am still reeling from that horrible dream. How could I possibly dream that? If I dreamt that, it means I was thinking about it, and how could I think that? The boys have been nothing but kind to me, and now I'm having dreams about them being five Jace's? That's the most stupid thing that I've ever heard of. I get dressed quickly and sit on Harry's bed, letting tears trail silently down my cheeks like rain. I wonder if it's normal to be in this much emotional pain after being...you know... I try not to let on that it still hurts inside, but there are times when I just want to curl up into a ball and cry for hours. Like now, for example. I let out a sob that feels like it's being ripped from my chest. After that, the sobs just come tumbling out. Pull yourself together, I tell myself. You have to be at the concert tonight for Harry. Suck it up. My breathing slows a little and I can sit up again after about fifteen minutes of letting myself cry. Harry comes in on que and his eyes widen at my sobtastic face.

"What happened?" he asks, looking worried and panicked. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I sniffle, my throat soar and scratchy from crying. "Sorry, Haz."

"It's fine, love. I'm just worried about you," my boyfriend says softly, taking me into his arms. I rest my head against his chest and take deep breaths. He smells like himself, and that helps me calm down because it reminds me of when he saved me from Jace. I still feel horrible for the way I treated him after that...I was surprised when he forgave me so quickly, saying that it was no big deal, and that I was just going through a really rough time--which, I guess, was true, but it doesn't excuse the way I acted.

"We should head downstairs," I say, my voice sounding semi-normal again. "You have a concert tonight."

"Okay," Harry agrees, clearly relieved by my change in mood. He doesn't push it, which I'm grateful for--I hate it when people pry.

Harry's P.O.V

I'm glad that Clara's okay now. I was so worried when I walked into the room to find her crying. It makes it worse that I assume that it was about Jace. I still can't believe that that ass got away without the police capturing him. He could be across the country by now, maybe even out of it. I swear the next time I see him I will kill him. But for now, I settle with leading my scarred girlfriend to the elevator and downstairs. Waiting for us in the lobby are the other four lads, Tyler, Paul, and Preston. Tyler rushes forward when she sees her best friend's puffy red eyes, and Clara hugs her back. 

"Are you okay?" Tyler asks, pulling back and holding her at arms-length to observe.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Clara replies with a small smile. I stifle a laugh at her slight embarassment, which shows in her cheeks.

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