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I was freaking out. How is Geo at my bestfriend's hous?! OMFG!! I decided to stay calm because i didnt want to freak him out or anything.

Jenny came back in without Geo.

"So is there anything you want to tell me?" -Y/n

"Uuuuhh... surprise?" -Jenny

I ran up to her and hugged her and said

"Why is he in your house?!" -Y/n

"Oh its because I never told you this but.... Geo is my brother."

My jaw dropped. Why didnt she tell me tho.

"And was there a reason you didnt TELL ME?!" I yelled in excitement.

"Cuz i wanted to surprise you. Enough talking lets go to his room now. He asked me to ask you if you wanted to go live on younow with him." -Jenny

Geo's POV

When Jennishka was about to go back in her room I said

"U-umm ask her if she wants to go live on younow with me." -Geo

"Ok ill be back" -Jenny

She went back to her room so I went to mine. I made sure I looked good for her. I grabbed some skinny jeans instead of my basketball shorts. I then put some colone on. Not too much because i know how much girls hate that.

Then i went to Jenny and asked her what her friends name was and she said her name was Y/n. So I went live and wrote a caption wich was "With One of Jenny's friend, Y/n" Then I went live. Then like about 5 seconds of being live Y/n came in with Jenny. God she looked so gorgeous. Im not gonna say she looks hot and sexy because im not a f-boy. So yea i treat girls with respect.

"Hi Geo, m-my name is-"She got cut off by me saying

"Y/n. Yes my sister told me about you. And I gotta say you look really pretty." -Geo

Y/n's POV

"Y/n. Yes my sister told me about you. And I gotta say you look really pretty." -Geo

Right when he said that I look really pretty, I hardcore started to blush. He noticed so he said

"Come here. There's a stool in the corner if you want to join my brodcast." -Geo

Ofcourse I wanted to join so I grabbed the stool and placed it right next to him and then sat down.

"Ok so introduce yourself to the broadcast." He said giving me a big warm smile. Omg he looks so cute. Ugh😍

"Ok so my name is Y/n. I am 17 years old. Um I am a straight A student and I am a muser and a youtuber." -Y/n

I then looked at Geo and he started to blush.

So I started to read the comments:

Omg Y/n she is my fav

Are you and Geo dating

Back away from my man

I ship it

Ew why are you with her she is ugly ugh 😷

I responded to the nice comments and just ignored the hate. I then looked around and I din't see Jenny in the room. Suddenly I got a text from Jenny.


Jenny🌹: I went out to the store rn. I'll see you in 20 min?


Word count: 633 words

Hey guys I am not getting as much reads as I want to but it is what it is so just wanna say thx for reading this book luv ya 😘

Btw its neymar's birthday today 🤗🤗 he is my fav soccer player and yes I play soccer and my fav team is Barcelona and my Fav soccer player is on my fav soccer team (I hope that made sense). But ya im just so happy !!!😄😄

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