33. Gotta Wake Up// Stiles

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Stiles' POV

(Y/N) been unconscious for a while now, what feels like days or months, and it hurts like hell to see her this way. I need to see her beautiful blue eyes, and I need to hear her beautiful angelic voice. I can't stand another day without being with her.

She's the one that keeps me going, the one I've loved all my life, I can't live without her. I'd die if she left me.

She lay here, in front of my eyes as I stare at her, waiting for her to wake up. Whatever happens to her, I always wish I could take her place. She doesn't deserve this life.

As I sit here next to (Y/N), I just need to feel her, touch her, save her. She was poisoned, and I didn't get there in time to save her. I took her to Deaton and he had no way to save her, said it was too late. But I don't believe that.

She's almost lifeless, and I can't stand to see her like that. I take her hand, her small, dainty hand. It was cold, almost like ice, as I held it in both my hands. I couldn't stop looking at her. I knew, deep deep down that she has to wake up. I knew there was no way I would let her leave me.

I never took my eyes off her, and even though I know she can't hear me, I begin to talk to her. "(Y/N), I need you. You can't leave me. I won't let you. There's so much we were gonna do. We were gonna live our lives together." I stopped talking as a tear came falling from my eye. This was stupid, it's everything that I wanted to happen, but everything that might not happen. "(Y/N), you are the love of my life. I never wanted this life for you and I'm sorry I brought you into all this. You wouldn't be here right now if I hadn't brought you into this. But (Y/N), if I hadn't met you, I wouldn't have the chance to love you, to hold you. To keep you safe." I paused for a second, then continued. "But that's the thing, isn't it? I didn't. I couldn't keep you safe. You're here... because of me. All I've ever wanted was to keep you safe, but I couldn't do that. (Y/N), i'm so sorry. Here's the thing, baby, I know I don't deserve you, but I need you, I need you to live, be here with me. I love you, (Y/N). You gotta wake up." I didn't know what else to say. There was nothing else to say, but I repeated the thing that I hoped would bring her back.

"I love you. You gotta wake up, baby girl." I fell silent, looked down at (Y/N) hand in mine.

I swear, I could see it move, feel her move. I looked back up at her, and the stunning, amazing blue eyes that I loved so much were looking into mine.

"(Y/N)?" I questioned. She nodded and a smile appeared on her face, one forming on my face as well. I helped her sit up slowly, and I gathered her in my arms. She was weak and I understood that. Finally, I was able to hold her again. For the first time in what seems like forever, she's finally come back to me. I can feel her again, smell her, see her, hear her.

"You brought me back, Stiles," I heard her voice as she stayed in my arms. "I love you, too, Stiles."

I will never let her go.

* * *

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