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Hi guys we're Emma and Emily and we decided to write a fanfic together :) This is our first fanfic as a duo so hope you like it!

Emily will be writing Diana's POV

Emma will be writing Darcy's POV

There will be some parts where it's the narrators POV

Diana and Darcy are the main characters (other than 1D).

Diana is a small,slender girl with big brown eyes and beautiful chocolate brown hair. Diana self harms but her parents don't know. They want her to be this "perfect" girl they dream of but, Diana just wants to live life. The only thing that has been keeping her from committing suicide is One Direction. Her parents think that 1D is is keeping her from being her best but they are actually what fuels her to be her best! She wants to meet them so badly but she knows she never will. They're her sunshines, the loves of her life and she just wants to thank them for helping her.

Then we have Darcy who's family abuses her. She is also a petite young girl with dark hair and bright green eyes. She just wants to escape the madness. It's bad enough she had been having to hear them fight but now they drag her into this mess too. She sits in her room and cries at night because after she gets beat she has to listen to her parents yelling at each other. So she plugs her headphones into her iPhone and just drowns her parents constant screaming out. Its times like this when Darcy pulls up a certain playlist titled, Play When Sad. That playlist contains one band, One Direction. Her parents think that her love for 1D is quite stupid but as Darcy always says, "they just don't understand." She just wants to meet them, talk to them, and just hug her idols!

So one day Darcy is out at the local park. She runs across a girl about her size who is sitting in the grass crying. Darcy walks up to her and the a conversation comes up! (there will be more about this conversation so pay attention!)

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