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Startled, Nash and a boy I didn't recognize pulled away from each other. I could hear the intimate sound of their lips separating as they gazed at me, their insolent intruder.

Nash's eyes were wide and alarmed, but the guy he was kissing had an expression of calm on his face.


When he uttered my name like that, I could feel the reality of this situation stinging my chest.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. There was no way someone like me would have a chance with someone like him. Nash McAvoy, heartthrob, football star, a total breathtaker.

I slowly shut the door, my face heating up. Silence loomed in the air as I stiffly walked to my desk to grab some of my belongings. I guess I'd just make it look like I needed some stuff before I head back to Lucas's room.

"So this is your roommate?"

Nash didn't say a word for minutes, adding to the obvious tension that only his guest was oblivious to.

In a quiet, seemingly weak voice, he spoke. "Yeah, um... Trey, this is Casper. Cas, this is Trey."


I grabbed my laptop and slid it into my backpack. "Hi, Trey," I mumbled, still not looking at either of them.

Trey didn't respond to me, but he whispered something I couldn't hear. 

"You left, Trey..."

"Nash, I get it. You've said it a million times already. I'm sorry I left but I've decided to come to this school."


"I've applied here. Then we can be closer to each other and I can fix the mess I made. That's my plan."

I finally glanced at them. Trey was running his fingers through Nash's brown locks and holding his hand. Nash didn't seem too fond of that idea by the look on his face and I wondered why.

I knew he'd spent nights crying over him, searching for him, missing him. So why didn't he want him closer?

"We can be together and not have to worry."

"Things are complicated now," Nash argued. "It's not that simple, Trey."

"We'll get through it. We love each other."

I swallowed, quickly zipping up my backpack and swinging it over my shoulder. I could feel tears stinging my eyes but I didn't let them fall. I quickly blinked them away.

So here I was, just getting my heart broken. I saw this coming—well, I didn't foresee Trey, but I successfully predicted that I had no chance.

"It's... It's not that simple!" Nash persisted as I walked back across the room toward the door.

"Baby, why not?"

Nash shot away from him. "Because I like someone else! And I'm not your baby anymore."

My body froze. Even the room froze.

I darted out of the room and pressed my back to the wall, my heart sinking.

I felt my breathing become erratic and my fingers trembling before I realized that I was angry. This was pathetic of me. I came to school to study and be the best student that I could possibly be. I didn't come here to find a girl or boyfriend or any kind of friend under the sun.

But was I wrong for wanting to experience something new, for the first time in my life? Something passionate. I knew this was college and that nobody wanted to be in a relationship, but I wanted to know what it was like to fall in love, to be held like I meant something, to be wanted.

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