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Jenny's POV

"Yea sure. But when?" -Y/n

"Uhh.. right now duh." I couldnt wait I just wanted to surprise her. I have never told her that Geo was my brother. And the good thing is Geo never mentions me.... YAAAY!😑 (note the sarcasm)

"Ok should I stay the night." -Y/n

"Yaaas its gonna be so much fun!!" - Jenny


We started to get dry and go in the house. I checked the time and it was 4:53. I went up to my mom.

"Hi mom. Um can I sleep over at Jenny's house pleaaaase!" -Y/n

As i said that I was sticking my bottom lip out.

"Ugh fine but take care. Now go pack." -Mom

One she said fine we ran upstairs. I grabbed my suitcase and put 2 outfits in including my pj's. I got everything i needed including my phone, makeup, and and clothes.
And we went downstairs. We waited for my mom because she was gonna drive us there.

She came downstairs and we ran outside. I opened the door in the back and sat down next to Jenny.

Finally we got to her house. We got out the car and said

"Bye Mom i love you" -Y/n

"Love you too" -Mom

With that she left. I looked at her house. And the house was really pretty.

"Alright lets go" -Jenny

We started to walk in the house and it looked really familiar. But i just shrugged it off and went to her room. We were on her bed just chillin watching youtube videos. Then suddenly someone opened the door. And I couldnt believe it, it was...

Geo's POV

I was upstairs laying on my bed watching some fan edits of me when I heard girls talking in my sister's room. So i got a little curious and went into her room. I opened the door and there was Jenny and some girl I have never seen before. When the girl turned around she was gorgeous. She had long hair with brown at the top and blonde at the bottom. She had brown eyes. She was beautiful.

When she looked at me she looked so surprised. Her jaw dropped and she just stared at me. Im guessing she is a supporter.

Jenny's POV

I heard the door open and I looked back and saw Geo standing at the door. I quickly looked at Y/n and she was already staring at him with her jaw dropped.

"Stay here." -Jenny

As I stepped outside with Geo he said

"Who is she?" -Geo

"She is my bestfriend. She loves you and I brought her here to surprise her with you. So what do you think about her?" -Jenny

"Well she is really beautiful and gorgeous. Is she staying over?"

I could see that Geo was blushing. I mean I wouldnt be mad if they were to date because if they become closer she would be coming here more and more. So I guess you could say were are sharing her. Lmao😂

Hey guys thank you for reading. Idk what to say so.... yea thx for reading 🤗😙

Word count: 536 words


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