Chapter 1 - The Arrival

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Amber's POV:

My head was throbbing. Pins and needles stabbed at my feet. My fingers and toes were cold, and my throat was dry.

Something nagged at the back of my mind, causing me to feel uneasy. I wasn't alone. My eyes flew open. I sat bolt upright, and scanned the room.

I was in what looked to be a hospital room. It looked awful. The top half of the room was all tacky yellow wallpaper, and the bottom half was a dull blue tiled wall.

Sitting in a chair, on the far side of the hospital room, was a somewhat familiar, masked man. He was reading a small sized book with a title that said 'Icha Icha Paradise.' The masked man looked toward me in surprise, and closed his book.

"You're awake?" He said in astonishment. "They said you would most likely be out for another week."

I did not blink, I did not move, and I did not speak. All I did was keep a close eye on him. He only stared back with a bored expression.

The masked man opened the hospital room door and called out to a nurse, saying, "Do you mind fetching a lunch tray for her?" After the nurse nods, he said, "Thanks."

I continued to watch him carefully. He leaned against the wall, with his hands in his pockets, and asked, "May I ask your name?"

I hesitated for a long moment, then replied in a soft whisper. "Amber."

The masked man gives me a closed eye smile. "That's a very unique name."

I did not respond. The door opened, and a nurse carrying a tray of soup, bread, and water walked through the door. She set the tray down and whispered something into the masked man's ear. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion, but they did not notice. The masked man nodded to the nurse, then turned to me.

"I'm needed elsewhere at the moment. Do make sure to eat, hm?" He said this in a friendly voice, but to me, it was a mask under his mask. Both the nurse and the masked man left the room.

I couldn't believe it. I was in the world of Naruto. I knew everything there was to know about the anime, but why couldn't I remember anything? I could not remember the masked mans name. Nor could I remember any other name from the Naruto world. All except for Naruto, of course.

I made my way toward my lunch tray, and stopped. I suddenly remembered what my step-parents had used to do to me. They would put on a smiling face and pretend to accept me. They would poison my food and if I did not eat it, they would force it upon me.

I backed away from the tray, and sat by the window. As I looked out over the buildings, I noticed everything looked animated. It was all familiar. The buildings, the people, the sound.

Unexpectedly, I saw a streak of blond, and multiple streaks of green, pass by. Taunts and scolding yells followed. I blinked a couple times in confusion, and I shook my head to dismiss the thought. I felt suddenly fatigued, and decided to return to my hospital bed.

Moments later the door opened. I tensed a little, and watched as an old man, smoking a pipe, stepped through the door. He wore strange robes, and the hat that he wore had the Japanese symbol for fire. The masked man followed behind.

Although I only saw the two, I felt there were others near by. We all stayed silent, for a long time. The only sound was of the wind that blew outside the hospital room window.

The man in robes spoke first. "Hello, little one." He greeted, smiling to me gently.

'Who the hell is he calling little?' I growled to myself.

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