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This contains strong language so viewer discretion is advised. Some things may not be accurate or legal in this fanfiction but I don't care xD

Rage was an accurate word to describe your inner turmoil as you found yourself re-reading the exchange of messages between Levi and his secret lover for what seemed like the 20th time today.  You were not usually this angry often, but you had every right to feel such strong emotions, mainly because Levi had been your husband for nearly 3 years. Like a normal couple, you both argued and bickered but your love for each other still remained strong, or so you thought. Red flags had gone off inside your head as you noticed him coming home later than usual, becoming distant physically and emotionally, also having the faint smell of another person. Petra, his PA, was your first suspect as the two were quite close, but no. It turned out to be a young male who went by the name Eren Jaeger, a person you had considered a 'friend'. 

The first time you discovered Levi's hushed secrets he kept from you, the typical feelings of anguish and betrayal ripped through you like a tidal wave. Many lonely nights when he was away at 'work' were spent quietly crying in the king sized bed, hugging his pillow and hoping he would just come back home and comfort you. But no, he was completely clueless of your discovery, and life was being a gigantic bitch at the moment who seemed to enjoy throwing it's worst at you.

Several weeks passed after you found out and those feelings of sadness and depression soon escalated into anger. Life may be a bitch to you now, but you could be an even bigger one when provoked. So, instead of spending a night full of sorrow and tears, you were going to man up and get your 'husband' back in the most sassy, public way possible. Calling your boss Erwin, a wicked smirk danced across your lips as the man picked up the phone.

"[Y/N?]" Erwin responded, in a slightly surprised tone.

"Hi Erwin, you know that business party in 12 months for me and Levi? I'd like to make some... changes" Your grin widened in a manner that would make the Cheshire cat jealous.

"Of course, what do you need?"

~~~~~~~~1 month until the party~~~~~~~~

Originally, the business party that you and Erwin were changing had been organized between yourself and Levi, but just after the time you had suspected he had begun his infidelity, he lost interest and allowed you to organize it yourself. The event itself was to seal a contract deal to make you and Levi business partners** as the two of you were interested in opening a cafe called the 'Teahouse' together, but the dream you both had planned was soon about to decline. It would start off with you two signing the contract paper sealing the partnership deal before throwing the party itself to celebrate. Your parents, closest friends and family was invited along with a few of Levi's friends, including his secret lover Eren.

Nothing too major was about to change, in Levis eyes that is.

"I'm back" Levi said, jingling the keys in his hand as he entered the apartment you shared with him, running a hand through his raven hair. You put on a fake smile and ran into his arms, hugging him tightly. The scent of his other lover no longer lingered on him as he for some reason stopped seeing him, but you made sure to make a hidden face of disgust whilst your face was buried in his shirt.

"Hi, I've missed you" You smile sweetly, internally wanting to retch and punch the traitor stood before you in the face.

"I heard from Erwin you've finalised the plans for the party, tch. You didn't need me after all" He smirked playfully, and you nodded in response before pulling away from him.

"It would have been nice if you could have helped all the way, but work eh?" A soft sigh escaped from your lips and Levi felt a sharp stab at his heart. Levi noticed that recently you would make subtle comments that hurt him and often make him feel uneasy, but he honestly thought you didn't mean it. He also still thought you still had no idea of his escapades with Eren, and after a month of cheating Levi finally stopped as the guilt, despair and the desire to keep you as his wife came over him. Eren still messaged Levi asking for more forbidden nights, but he bluntly told the brunette to fuck off and stop messaging him.

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