Carl And Guns

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Next day. Morning.

I was looking around and saw Glenn and Mom talking to each other. I

 walked to them "You should tell Dad....or Shane, depends who the father is"

She looked at me with wide eyes "How did you find out?"

Me "Glenn"

Mom shot Glenn a look. 

Glenn's eyes widened "I did my best"

She looked at me and pleaded "Don't tell anyone, Kendall, please"

I raised an eyebrow"Do you even know who the father is?"

She shook her head "i'm not sure. "

I nodded ,rolling my eyes. 

Glenn left.

Me "you gonna keep it?"

Mom shrugged"I don't know. I mean, this is not the right world for a baby. "

I nodded "Alright"

Then i walked away. I walked past Shane and Carl but stopped when i heard Carl talking about guns.

I turned to them.

Carl"i wanna learn how to shoot a gun"

Shane looked at me but i just looked at Carl.

Carl"Can you talk to them? they will listen to you"

Shane was chewing his apple "We will see, alright?"

Carl nodded. He took a step and we heard a klick. 

I raised an eyebrow "Carl"

Shane "Show me what ya got there."

Carl looked nervous and took a gun out.

my eyebrows raised. 

Shane threw his apple away, pissed off "come on!"


I was standing next to Dad in a circle with Dale, Mom and Shane. 

Carl was sitting on a chair a few feet away from us. 

Mom took his gun away and walked to us "how the hell did that happen?"

Dale sighed"it was my fault. i let him into the RV. He said he wanted the walkie-talkie. That you sent him for one"

Mom "so on top on everything else he lied. "

She asked Dad "what do you think?"

Shane "he wants to learn how to shoot. he asked me to teach him. It's none of my business but i'd be happy to do it. It's your call"

Mom shook her head "Well, i'm not okay with it. Oh, don't make me look like the bad one in here, Rick"

Dad nodded "i know. i have my concerns too but -"

Mom shook her head "there's no but. he was just shot. he is just back on his feet and he wants a gun?"

Dad "better than be afraid of them.There are guns in camp for a reason. He should learn to handle them safely. "

Mom shook her head "i don't want my kid walking around with a gun"

My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide. Shane, Dad and Dale looked at me. 

That one hurt

Dad asked irritated "How can you defend that? you can't let him go around without protection. "

Mom "he is as safe as he will ever be right here. Look, everything you're saying makes perfectly sense. But it feels wrong. I mean-"

Me "The boy is growing up. Accept it"

Mom looked at me, surprised. 

Dad nodded"Ken's right. We gotta treat him more like an adult. "

Mom "Then he needs to act like one. He is not mature enough to handle the gun"

Suddenly Carl stood up and walked to us "i'm not gonna play with it, Mom. I-It's not a toy.I wanna look for Sophia. I wanna defend our camp. i can't do that without a gun. "

Mom looked shocked at his words. 

Dad to Mom "Shane is the best instructor i know. He started teaching Kendall when she was 6 years old, younger than Carl, and many other young children. "

Mom sighed and walked to Carl. 

She grabbed his chin "You will take this seriously and you will behave responsible and if i here from anyone in the camp that you are not living up to our expectations-"

Dad nodded, sternly"He won't let you down"

Carl nodded "Yeah"


Carl, Shane, Beth and her mother, i guess, drove off the field to the shooting ground. They had to drive away so that the shooting sound doesn't lead walkers to the farm. 

Shane had asked Glenn but he lied and told Dale he had to help him.

I stood next to Dale.

Dale "Tell me what's wrong, kid"

Glenn was nervous "You are know..things. so...what if somebody told you something that somebody else should know. "

Dale "Glenn, stop being dramatic. spit it out. "

Glenn "there's walker's in the barn and Lori is pregnant"

My jaw dropped and so did Dale's.


Dad came back and is now doing god knows what. Mom had talked to Hershel. Then Dale talked to Hershel. Now Mom and Dale are talking about the pregnancy. Only people who don't know about the pregnancy are Dad and Shane. 


Glenn and Maggie came back from 'shopping'. I saw Glenn making his way to Dad's tent. 

Me "Glenn!"

I walked to him "What did you bring her?"

Glenn showed me the Abortion pills.  

I gulped and nodded "Alright. "

Glenn nodded and walked inside. 


The sun was already going down.

 I saw Dad walking past me "Dad?"

I held the pills in my hand. The case was empty.

Dad asked worried  "What's wrong ,honey?"

I took a deep breath "i need to show you something. "

Dad looked worried.

 I showed him the pills and he froze. 

Me "She took them, dad. You need to know the truth "

Dad looked shocked as hell. And hurt. 

Dad "For how long did you know about this?"

I sighed" 2 days. It wasn't on me to tell you, Dad. But i think you should know about her decision."

He took the pills and walked away.

I called after him"Dad!"

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