Chapter Nine

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Bella's starting to notice Edward's eccentricities. But, will it be too late? Up next will be Edward and more of them getting to know each other. Plus, avoiding the skank brigade.

Chapter Nine


"Alice, please?" I begged as I paced the length of the building next to Bella's. "Felix already hates me for not being there. Can you take him out?"

"What on Earth made you think that getting a dog was a good idea, Edward?" Alice chided. "You're never home."

"Up until now, I was home. Every night. Now, I'm protecting," I said, shooting a glance over my shoulder. Bella was resting, sleeping comfortably. It had been almost three weeks since her wrist was broken and a week since we last saw Riley. He hadn't shown up to work, claiming a 'family emergency.' Bella also quit working for Rose at the café/deli. It meant that Bella's rent would go up, but I used my computer skills to help with the payment, without Bella knowing.

But, that's neither here nor there. I wanted her to be with me, twenty-four/seven. Bella was stubborn, not wanting to put me out and be a burden. I was offering my hospitality.

Just saying.

"You're stalking," Alice giggled, breaking my reverie. Over the phone line, I could hear Felix barking. "Hey, boy! Edward, your dog is pissed at you."

"What did he do?" I asked.

"Your couch is no longer a couch, but a mess of leather, stuffing, wood and springs," Alice retorted. "Come home. Bella will be fine for the night without you hovering."

"But, what if Riley, Lucifer ... whatever his name is, what if he comes back?!" I growled. "If I can track her, so can he."

"No. He can't. She's not his mate," Alice said. "You have a deeper connection to Bella. If you leave, you'll be able to defrost. There's an icicle growing on your nose, Edward." I swatted it away, growling lowly. "You can be back to your new home on the roof, crouched like the gargoyle you are, within a few moments. You're still the fastest flyer of all of us."

"Okay, okay. Even though the cold doesn't bother me, I would like to see Felix," I said.

"I'll take care of the sofa," she chirped, ending the call. I looked down at Bella's sleeping form and closed my eyes. She was rested comfortably, not assaulted by her usual nightmares, probably due to her pain killers. With a sigh, I unfurled my wings and took off. I landed in my backyard. Felix ran to me, barking up a storm, his tail wagging. "You're awfully forgiving, pup."

I crouched down, scrubbing behind his ears as Felix slobbered on my face. "I missed you, too, Felix," I said. He barked happily, pushing me onto the ground and plopping in my lap. "He ate the couch?"

"More like destroyed it," Alice snickered. "I ordered one just like it and it'll be delivered the day after tomorrow between three and five in the evening." She pressed her hand onto my chest, frowning slightly. "You're still in pain, Edward."

"I'm okay. It's not so bad when I'm around Bella," I said, standing and picking up Felix with me. He let me carry him like a baby, his tongue lolling out of his head. "Could it be due to our being mated?"

"You're not mated yet," Alice responded. "You're mates, but you have to make that commitment before you're mated."

"What if we don't?" I asked. "She won't die, will she?"

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