Chapter 4

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Chapter four:

This is dedicated to JessicaMarie24. I love when people show that they’re eager for more of my stories and JessicaMarie24 had me excited to write more =D


[Sasha’s POV]

It was the beginning of a new week. Hell week to be exact.

I rolled over to my side and watched the morning sunlight lazily grow brighter every minute through the blinds. I sighed, for once in my life I didn’t feel like working. I’d had the most magical weekend and I could definitely feel it in my muscles.

Jake slept over after our uh... coffee, and I was ecstatic that nothing was awkward. He was a beautiful sight to see first thing in the morning and definitely better to feel as well. We had sex twice more before our breakfast then he finally pried himself away from me to head back home. I sighed. My bed felt much too cold and big without him.

My thoughts headed back to work again. Damnit. Hell week was our busiest week of the year and no doubt with business booming that this week would be our busiest yet. There would be meetings to attend, papers to file and write out and ergh, I didn’t even want to think of it.

I rolled myself out of bed and stretched my stiff muscles and headed to the shower.

I walked out of the elevator, wearing white slacks and a black silk sleeveless with a slight ruffle around the neckline and my white blazer. It was unusually cold for this time of year and was forecasted to stay that way. It was like the seasons were merging into one and were saying ‘to hell with normal seasonal weather, let’s fuck shit up’!

I bought Starbucks for myself and Jake so I left his on his desk and started on with my day.


“Urgh! Talk about living through hell!” I complained to Jake as we finally finished Hell Week

“Tell me about it” he grumbled rubbing a rough hand over his tired face, “I need a vacation. Or at least get the hell away from this office. “

I agreed but felt a little disheartened. We’d become so close ever since he agreed to my experiment. I haven’t even been able to start it!

“I know, how about you and I go to my private island next week? A whole week of nothing but sunshine and bikinis” he winked at me eyeing my body. I shivered at the darkening of his eyes.

“I don’t know” I pretended to think about it, “I’m not sure you’d suit a bikini all that well, despite how amazing your body is” he laughed and shook his head. “I’d love to go with you, so long as my boss says it’s all right to go”

“Hmm, I’m sure your boss will let it slide this time. You’ve been working very hard, it’s time you relax and be a little naughty” he replied winking at me.


I was too excited!

T only times I’d been overseas were for business and now here I was on my way to the airport to board Jake’s private jet.

I’d dressed in a simple short white summer dress that showed my cleavage nicely and white sandals. Since it was still a bit chilly I had a yellow wrap around me shoulders. The cab stopped outside the airport and helped me with my baggage; I tipped him and rolled my luggage inside to meet with Jake.

“You know, you should’ve accepted the car I wanted to send you so you didn’t need a cab.” I heard a deep masculine voice whisper in my ear.

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