Daryl The "Walker"

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Next day. Morning. 

I was walking out of the house to the guys. I had brought Carl his breakfast. I saw the guys standing around the hood of the truck. 

Dad looked at me.

I shook my head "I'm not gonna stay put for another time "

Dad sighed "Stay here. We already planned out who gets which zone"

My jaw dropped "Why do i have to stay in? hm? "

Dad "Because you have your blades. They need you here in case walkers come in"

I raised an eyebrow, not fully believing his mind change " you sure?"

He nodded "please, Ken"

I looked at the other guys. My eyes stopped by Daryl. He looked at me.

 There was something in his eyes. 

I sighed "Fine"


I was looking around looking for Daryl. I saw Carol coming out of the stable, looking hurt. 

I raised an eyebrow "if Daryl didn't hurt her then i don't know who"

I walked into the stable. I saw Daryl putting the settle on a horse.

Then i crossed my arms over my chest "What do you think changed Dad's mind on letting me go to search for the girl?"

Daryl turned to me and shrugged "How should i know?"

I scoffed "oh i think you do. And i think you said something to him"

Daryl shook his head "Don't know what ya talking about"

I rolled my eyes "Stop lying, Daryl"

Daryl turned back to the horse and got on it. Then he just rid past me out. 

I turned around and saw him riding away.


I was walking around by the line of the woods. I held my blade in my hand. 

Suddenly i heard Andrea yell "Walker!!"

I looked in the direction. I ran to it and then i saw it's face. It was Daryl.

I turned around to Andrea and yelled"Don't shoot!!! It's Daryl!! Don't Shoot!!"

Suddenly Dad, Shane, T-Dog and Glenn ran to me.

Then Dad was holding a gun at Daryl's face.

Daryl glared at him "Third time you are holding this thing at my head. You gonna pull the trigger or what?"

Dad put the gun down.

Suddenly we heard a shot and Daryl fell back.

Dad yelled "no! no!"

My jaw dropped and i ran to him. The bullet had scratched the side of his head. 

Dad and Shane helped him up.

Daryl said dizzy "i was kiddin'"

I looked around his neck. There were walker ears. 

I grimaced "The hell?"

Then i caught up with the guys "Wait"

I took the "necklace" off his neck and threw it away. 

Andrea and Dale came running to us.

Andrea was shocked "oh my god!! is he dead?"

Me "Are you kidding me?! I yelled to not shoot!"

Dale nodded "i heard you"

Andrea shook her head "I didn't hear it"

Me "Liar. You also could've killed me!! a few inches left and i would be lying on the ground with a bullet in my head!"

Andrea "i'm so sorry,Kendall"

Me "Fuck off!"

The guys had carried Daryl halfway through the field inside. 

T-Dog suddenly yelled "Guys!! Isn't that Sophia's?"

He was holding up a doll. 

My eyes went wide. 


Hershel had thrown me out of the room where they had put Daryl. Hershel, Shane and Dad were in the room with Daryl himself. 

I sighed and went to Carl's room. I knocked and walked in. 

Carl "What happened? i heard the gunshot"

Me "Daryl got shot."

Carl's eyes went wide "who shot him?"

Me "Andrea. But the bullet only scratched the side of his head. He'll make it, bro"


We were all sitting in the kitchen, besides Carl and Daryl of course. Mom and Carol made dinner to thank Hershel and his family for letting us stay. 

I hadn't touched my plate yet. I wasn't hungry at all. 

Dad "your food is getting cold, sweetie"

I looked at him "I'm going to bring it to Daryl. He could be hungry. "

Dad nodded.

I stood up, Grabbed a tablet, put my plate and a glas on it and walked upstairs to Daryl's room. I knocked and then just walked in. 

Daryl covered his upper body with the blanket.

I scoffed "oh please. Not like i haven't seen it before"

Daryl rolled his eyes.

I put the tablet on the nightstand"Thought you might be hungry"

He shook his head. 

Me "How are you feeling?"

Daryl "like i've been shot"

Me "Alright. I better go. Leave you in peace"

I turned around.

Daryl "Grimes"

I turned back to him "hm?"

Daryl "He was going to let you go with me"

I asked confused "What are you talking about?"

Daryl "Rick wanted you to go with me through the woods. I told him i didn't want to have you with me, that you were better in protecting the farm"

I nodded, kinda hurt.

Daryl "And after today i'm glad that i told him that."

I gave him a soft smile "Night, Daryl"

Daryl "night"

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