A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Two days. It's been two days since anyone has seen Sasuke. He just kind of... disappeared. The cops have been notified. I'm scared he might've ran off with another bad crowd. I'm really worried he'll go off the deep end, especially after what just happened. I don't want bad things to keep coming his way. He doesn't deserve any of it. He's had it so fucking hard.

Since we hit the two day mark, the cops are finally jumping into action. It pisses me off that 48 hours have to go by. Who the hell knows what Sasuke has been going through while we just sat around and did nothing? Besides, everyone knows the first hours are the most crucial, for fuck's sake.

I'm at the police station now. Suigetsu and Juugo went to talk to the cops before me, but it's my turn now. I tell them someone abused Sasuke, but I don't say the other word. Maybe that's stupid of me. I just pretend I don't know the extent of the abuse. I do, however, give them the name of our old bio teacher – Orochimaru. One sick, sick bastard. It must've been him, right?

The day seems to go by slow. Mikoto and Fugaku talk with the cops again once I'm finished and then they drive me home. In the car, I begin to panic because they're both so distraught and I know so much more than I'm letting on. Mikoto senses this. She turns around and stares at me where I sit in the back seat. "Naruto, what is it?" she asks. "If you know something... Please."

I get scared. I feel something in the pit of my stomach. At first, I think I might puke, but no. It's not that kind of vomit – it's word vomit. This time, I say the r-word. "Someone raped him!" I shout at her, choking out the sentence.

"What?" she asks, her voice quiet as a mouse. She looks wholeheartedly taken aback, like she doesn't want to believe what I just said.

I'm practically in tears. "Don't make me say it again," I croak. "I don't want to say it again..."

Fugaku pulls to the side of the road, undoing his seatbelt and turning around. "How do you know?" he asks calmly.

"He came over," I start quietly. "I knew something was wrong. He seemed different. I know his moods change a lot, but it wasn't that. It was something else. I couldn't really put my finger on it. He started to cry, but he calmed down fast. He asked to use my shower. I let him and I gave him clean clothes. He said his were dirty, though they didn't look it. After, I let him use the guest room. He looked tired..." I pause, letting out a shaky breath. "Later on, I was in the bathroom and I saw Sasuke's clothes in the trash. I picked them up because I didn't know why they were thrown out, but then I saw blood... just a little bit in the back." I end up telling Mikoto and Fugaku everything except for the fact that I've been fucking their son.

Mikoto is crying silently. She looks so fucking upset I want to apologize, but I know it wouldn't do a damn thing. "Who..." she pauses, sniffling. "Who did it? Who hurt him?"

"I don't know for sure," I admit, closing my eyes. "He was having... relations... with someone a lot older, but he just broke it off. A teacher."

"No..." she moans miserably, crying even harder. She buries her face in her hands, facing away from me. "No... no, no, no..."

Fugaku lets out an angry sigh, looking disgusted – not at his son, but at the possibility of something so vile happening to him.

I keep wondering if Sasuke is being forced to relive it right now. I don't want to let the thought cross my mind, but it keeps happening.

The days continue to pass. It has now been nearly a week since Sasuke disappeared. At school, everybody is still talking about him. The girls are worried and talking about forming search parties. The whole thing is making me bitter. I've tried hard in those two days. I've looked everywhere I could think of. I even tried going to that sick pervert's house. I tried three times, but there was never an answer. I should've known. The cops probably checked there first. If Sasuke is with him, I hope the cops find him quick.

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