Lauren chuckled shortly. Her voice was thick when she said, "Not that touristy nonsense."

Camila smiled. "Right."

Lauren bent over, hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down abruptly. Camila nearly fell over in her haste to make sure that nobody was watching through the front glass while keeping an eye on her girlfriend's ass. Lauren pulled the new shorts on and looked so pleased with them that Camila gave herself a little pat on the back.

"They fit?" Camila checked.

Lauren looked at her for a moment and then pulled her into another hug. She mumbled, "Thank you, baby," against Camila's ear.

"Happy almost-opening-day, goofy."

Lauren rolled her watery eyes when she pulled back. "Don't call me that."

"Lauren Jauregui, your shirt is on inside-out," Camila plucked affectionately at a sleeve and plunged her hand back into her canvas bag.

While Lauren flushed and frowned down at herself and dragged her t-shirt over her head, Camila pulled out the food she'd brought – subs and Oreos and a cheese concoction Lauren had discovered a week ago and spoke of incessantly – along with a black marker. She dumped everything onto the front counter and watched Lauren's attention go right to the food.

Camila took her free hand – held on despite Lauren's protests – and carefully wrote, "I love you. Don't panic," on the inside of her arm while she ate.

Lauren read it distractedly when Camila finished, and then again, a double-take. She smiled slightly, still chewing, and silently demanded the marker from a reluctant Camila, along with her arm.

"Nothing inappropriate," Camila insisted quietly.

Lauren made an unintelligible noise, spraying crumbs over the counter.

It only took her a minute, but she wrote in giant letters all up Camila's left arm. Camila was shaking her head the whole time, wondering how best to get it off. She'd decided on rubbing alcohol when Lauren finished, capped the marker, and kissed Camila's hand.

"All done, Miss Cabello."

Camila cautiously twisted her arm around to survey the damage. It said, "IF LOST, RETURN TO Lauren," and she broke out into silent laughter.

Lauren watched her face and kept eating, proud of herself. She smiled around her taco and said, "Happy almost-opening-day. I love you too."


Getting Lauren to the airport to pick up Clara, Normani, and Louis was like trying to spin the world the other way. She hated the crowds, the smell, the cold floors, the rush, and she fought Camila and Niall the whole way, sulking in the backseat of Camila's car in her new shorts.

"We don't all need to be here," she grumbled once they were seated in the airport, wasting her time.

Niall tipped back in his chair, nodding. "Yup. You've only said that four hundred times."

"Shut your – "

"Children," Camila whispered loudly, cutting her girlfriend off. She pressed herself against Lauren's side and tugged her hat further down.

"Would you rather I come by myself?" Camila wondered, inches from Lauren's face. "I'll come all alone, be recognized, mobbed, and swept away by crazy airport people."

Niall hummed his agreement.

"Then you'll wish you'd been here." Camila huffed. "No more whining."

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