Chapter Seven Inuyasha ask to be forgiven/she can't stand be near him

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Kagome pov:

When I made it back to my own time I was able to take really quick shower then change into clean school uniform and eat breakfast after head off to school as I was walking to school.I started thinking of how sango as well as miroku,shippo were doing right now they knew that I would be back soon I would only be gone a one week.Then I would be back but as I made it to school and was walking in the hallway I knew that if I did see inuyasha again.He would have to stay away from me.I know that he has to know that I will never forgive him for what he did to me of course there sesshomaru I mean he was there for me.Also I thinking what could he be up to right now he maybe doing what he used to do which was wandering the countryside like he did before rin change him for the good.

Meanwhile back in the futile era sango was thinking from what inuyasha must doing right now seen kagome left with sesshomaru also they were able to finish the job they had been hired to do which get kill all the demons were out in the forest.And miroku put up talisman around the village to insure that it would be safe the talismans were also put in part of the forest as well as too.Once they had been paid they left the village and head back to kaede's village when they were on the road inuyasha said that he would be around the village.Until kagome came back and sango,miroku didn't know what to say this was hard to say if kagome would even come back to the village but sango had good feeling that she would.And as for kikyo,she was waiting on the outskirts of the village she had a plan which was to make inuyasha her once again this she thought would be really easy.Because she had already made a rift between kagome and him the last thing that would insure that they would never get back together was to appear to inuyasha.Once more and ask if he had made up his mind or had come to a decision on who he wanted be with more her or kagome.

Sesshomaru pov:

The day went by really well my class was going well too but I could tell that kagome had something on her mind because when she had finished the assignment that I for today as well as the homework too.Which she did in my classroom also she look a little down to and I knew that she must be thinking about what she was going to do when she went back the futile era would she go and see her friends.I would have asked her what was on her mind but the bell rang so I couldn't do it with that I said to my class that I wanted that homework assignment done tomorrow also I didn't wanted any excuses as to why it was not done.With that said my stunts left the class because my class was last one of the day.And I was getting mine things together as I was leaving for the teacher office to do some quick paper that wouldn't take long to do then I would head home.

As sesshomaru was leaving kagome was heading to her locker seen it was the end of the day it was when she had made up her mind to go back the futile era that day instead of doing what she had do in the first places.As sesshomaru had made his home just as the sun had not yet set so he still had some time before he would have to return to the futile era.When he sitting inside his mansion he was think about kagome and what must have been on her mind for her to have that look of sadness on her face.As he was think about this was grading the assignment he had his stunts do that day.Meanwhile back in the futile era sango were thinking about how kagome was doing right now seen she and miroku knew that kagome had fallen in love with inuyasha older brother sesshomaru.They were worried on how inuyasha would take it when he finds out that kagome had fallen in love with sesshomaru of course sango couldn't blame her neither she could tell miroku.He knew that inuyasha was an idiot as well as a moron for going after kikyo this was the stupid thing he could have ever done in his life.He had to know that kagome loved him but that was soon destroyed after he made his choice which was to go after kikyo of course he  would get coach red hand by kagome this shattered her heart into pieces.

Sango/miroku pov:

I knew this would happen I mean kagome was able to tell sesshomaru inuyasha's older brother that she had fallen in love with him also I knew that inuyasha had this coming.I mean it was not too long ago that kagome had coach him with kikyo this of course shattered her heart into pieces but I don't know how inuyasha himself will take this.When he finds out that kagome has fallen for sesshomaru.I'm sure that he will just end up getting mad but this was his own stupid fault for having chosen kikyo who he had loved.Once over kagome but right now I just hope that inuyasha doesn't find out right away or things could get really bad fast.

Miroku speaks now

I agree with sango inuyasha has done some really stupid things in the passed and this was the worst thing that he could have ever done but I also agree with sango on that kagome didn't deserve to be treated like that.And I also know that sango told me that kagome had fallen in love with inuyasha's older brother sesshomaru.When I first heard this I was not shocked but I just hope that inuyasha does not find out right now because me and sango knew that he would just either overacted or get really mad.But this was his own fault for choosing kikyo over kagome also I've been thinking and I know that sango has been thinking about this too which was will kagome come back to us.And tell us what happened with her,sesshomaru which I know that sango may know more than I do right now.Because she has been training with her weapon to work off some angry that she had for inuyasha and for what he had done to kagome.

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