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Chapter- thirty Seven

It doesn't matter that I was held as a captive, again.

Well it did matter but I tried to ignore all my negative thoughts and focused only on Vitale's confession.

He loves me.

I was hoping for him to utter those words and now that he had, it felt no less than a dream.

I could totally fantasizes about our future together but every now and then the gun inside my top will poke me and I had to come back to reality.

Reality was harsh. Every now and then I could feel my eyes watering and I had to try with all my might to sob silently.

I didn't want to die.

I just started to live a while ago and I didn't want die.

Not now.

And maybe never with him by my side.

I was in a dark room with a candle as the only source of light. Surprisingly, I was not tied or chained down. My feet were dangling from the bed and I was lost in their motion.

It was weird how one goes forward and the other backwards.

I was on the verge of worshipping my feet when I heard the door creak.

And the door slowly opened. Talk about dramatic effects, all that was left now was background music.

But no one came in, the door was left slightly ajar but besides that I couldn't find anyone. I stared at the door for sometime and pondered if this was some kind of ploy.

It was weird that in a place like this where security was so high someone would intentionally leave the door open.

Something was not right in here, I could totally feel it.

I didn't move from my place, I was tired. Not physically but mentally. But I was not giving up yet, I just needed sometime to think.

This place was not safe and any unthought action could result in me dying and never be able to tell Vitale that I too loved him.

The thought made me unpleasant to the core. I needed to tell him how I felt. I needed him. Badly.

But how can I reach him?

I was slightly irritated by all this childish actions. Can anyone not live in peace here? Every now and then someone would be kidnapped and there would be threats, empty or not, a few punch here and there and again after a few days a new issue would start all over again.

And that is from when we women enter, we need to control these weird violent behavior of our male counterparts.

The world would be in peace if women ruled the world.

Maybe there would be quite few cat fights here and there but apart from there nothing harmful.

I swore to myself that this would be the last time I am ever getting myself kidnapped.

Everything happening to me was ridiculous as hell.

All of them clearly thought with their hands instead of their brain.

I need to do something.

With that in my mind, I walked towards the door. I slightly hesitated no matter how ridiculous all this were but that doesn't mean I was not scared. For all I know I could die the moment I step foot outside my room.

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