Chapter Five She has gone/he finally know how she feel

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Sesshomaru pov:

As I continued walking I had no idea that I was walking around the outer parts of a village I had just thought it was another part of the forest it was when I saw kagome,she was killing demons that when one demon tried to attack her.When I saw it that was going to attack her from behind so pulled out my sword and killed it before it could hurt kagome in away shape or form.Then as she turned around just as I was about leaving also my sword made big loud noise which could be heard.As I had put my sword away it was at that mounted kagome grabbed me then just as my stupid half breed brother saw me with kagome he then pulled out his sword but when he did this kagome fired a sacred arrow which forced his sword to change back.Then she whispers that she wanted to come with me also she said that she had fallen in love with me to say I wasn't shocked about what she had said to me.This made my day and as we were a going to leave she,I were able to kill the remaining demons then leave my stupid half breed of a brother who had a look of shock on his for her friend which they didn't seem that shocked at all to this happen to my stuipd half breed of a brother.

As sesshomaru took off with kagome in his arms sango finally broke the silence by saying well inuyasha,I knew this was going to happen after what you did who could blame her when she said that miroku shook his head in agreement because he too knew what she meant.So they went back to the village headmen house to tell him that the job was nearly done they just had to get rid of the rested remaining demons.Then they could finish the job also kagome had take her thing with her too seen she was no longer with inuyasha or her friends for awhile.Meanwhile sesshomaru took kagome back to his mansion where she could stay with him and sesshomaru tells kagome that he would be right back.He just need to get a few thing then he would be back to be with her and kagome said ok,she would just catch up on her reading for her school work with said he left.

Kagome pov:

I knew that it was time to leave inuyasha because he had lost his chance to talk or do anything so when I saw sesshomaru I knew that it was time to tell him how I felt about him by whispering into his ear,when I did this he was not shocked he was happy.Because after that I put my arms around then he took me away to his mansion that was beautiful it was amazing even from the air.As we landed he told me that he had go get a few things which I knew it must be food so I told him that I would catch up on some reading which was apart of my work that need to be done. When he leaving,I went to a open room and got a book out of my bag then I started reading as I was halfway into my book I made up my mind to stop.And started cook dinner for sesshomaru now I know what you're going to say he doesn't eat human food because he demon well that changed seen he was with rin.So I went to the kitchen which was really nice as well as big to so I got to work on making miso soup along with rices that had chicken that I had with me it was a little dry all it need was some water to make it softer again.Also I chopped up some vegetable that would go with the chicken which didn't take long to chop up.When I was almost done I felt apart of strong arms around my waisted then I knew it had to be sesshomaru,he was back he had some fresh fish with him that I could grill up for tomorrow.

Meanwhile inuyasha was getting an earful about what he had done by both sango and miroku who were not happy with him and they could tell that he was may be finally getting what they were saying to him.But would this be enough to change kagome mined or just make her wanted to stay with his older brother as for sango,she thinking that kagome heart had been through enough heartbreak with inuyasha.Also sango believed that inuyasha had this coming for along time it just happened a bit soon than she expected and inuyasha thought that he could get kagome back somehow but this was shot in the dark why would she after what he did to her.And on one could blame her for leaving inuyasha after she coach him with kikyo so she knew this was the last straw and that she just couldn't stay with inuyasha if he still loved kikyo and inuyasha was trying to think of a way to get kagome back.Meanwhile sesshomaru was getting closer to kagome this made kagome feel really happy of coruse he too was happy be with her.When dinner was ready she and sesshomaru eat together kagome asked if it was all right,if she could stay by his side then at that momented sesshomaru gently grabbed kagome.Then he say you don't have to ask that question you can always stay by my side forever if that what you really wanted kagome.Once kagome heard this she said yes it is really what I wanted sesshomaru then he kissed her on the lips which felt like fireworks were set off for her because she knew deep down her heart that she had fallen in love with sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru pov:

After kagome and I had eaten she went to take a bath seen the dish had been washed as she was in the bath I was wonder what my stupid halfbreed of a brother had done to her,for kagome to do what she did as for her to wanting to come stay by my side.Which I was happy that she was with me but I knew that she would be going back to her time because she would only stay in her time for about week or two.As I was thinking about this kagome came in she was wearing a kimono which made her look really beautiful to me also her long black hair was just as beautiful too.And she was blushing when she asked why are you staring at me then I told her it was because was every beautiful and I could take me eyes off of you.This made her blush even more at that mounted I kissed her then I said I'm going to take a bath now as I walked out of the room I could tell that kagome was a little shocked at what I had said to her but she was also really happy too.  

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