Chapter Four She leave them/what will he do now

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Sango pov:

When me and kagome came back from the hot spring I could tell that miroku had found out that inuyasha was with kikyo which was the only explanation for the look on his face which said how he could do that to her it was then that I need to tell miroku about kagome.And what she had toldd me which was that she had fallen in love with inuyasha's older brother sesshomaru this may shock him as it did me but I was willing to that change.So I said hey miroku I need to talk to you in private please and he could tell that it was really bad then he told everyone that we were going to have a talk and that we would be right back.Once we were far enough away I said miroku there something that I need to tell it about what me and kagome were talking about at the hot spring so here it goes she been see sesshomaru and I know what you're going to say but inuyasha pushed her to him so in way this is his faulted not her's.After I told miroku what kagome had said to me he was not shock seen he said well that was bound to happen I just didn't think it would have happened so soon.I mean I had warned inuyasha that this could happened then I asked miroku what did inuyasha tell you that when he tell me that he had seen kikyo again.This didn't shock me because I said miroku,you already know about this and she is really upset about what he did to her so we both had decided that we both keep this a secreted.Until we knew how thing were going to turn out so with that we came back to see that inuyasha was inside a hole which only mean that kagome had said sit boy because inuyasha was inside a big hole this also could only mean he said something really mean to her again without thinking about what the consequences would be until it was too late to take it back.

As sango and miroku came back from talking they could tell that inuyasha had said something really hurt fully to kagome with they all went to sleep so they were really to leave tomorrow morning.Meanwhile sesshomaru had stop as well as too he knew that kagome must be doing the same until it was morning again then he would be on his way hoping that he would see kagome again so that he would be able to tell her how he felt little did he know that he would get that changes as the night on with sweet dream.Until morning's first light the sun began to rise on a new day and inuyasha along with everyone else was up eating before they headed out again once they were on the road they could see the village.That had asked for their help in scited this didn't three day it just took about two day but it would take three day to get rid of the demons that are attacking the villagers.When they walked into the village the villagers were hard at work as they made their way to the headmen house which was not far from the village that also was huge then sango knocked on the headman's front door.Which opened the village headman's guard answered the door and he said you must be the ones that came to help us please follow me to the headman is inside the main house waiting for you.

Kagome pov:

When we made it to the village that had asked for our help I could that there had been a lot of attack's even though the villagers were still hard at work so we all went on until we made it to the village headman's house also sango knocked on the front and a guard answered the door then he said you have arrived the headmen will see you now so please follow me.So we all follow him to the main house which is beautiful it had a koi pond that had beautiful koi in it when the guard said the ones we had asked for help are here headmen.Then the guard leaves and we meet the headmen of the village who told why the demon are attacking the village as well as the villagers his said this all started about three day ago and has not stopped three villager were attacked and were killed.After we heard that we all agreed to get rid of these demons and the headmen was happy to hear it also he said that he would pay us for our help and sango had work that out so that miroku would not swindle the headmen out of any money.

So they all got to work sango and kagome went into the forest that was apart of the village and inuyasha along with miroku,shippo as sango,kagome were walking around the forest to see if any demons would attack them and they did splitting sango and kagome up this was not a bad idea at because nothing happened at first.Until kagome was able to kill the demons that came at her she killed it with her sacred arrows that she fired but no one was watching her back that when a demon saw this and took advantage of this opening that he saw.As he made his move it was at that mounted sesshomaru appeared and killed the demon with his sword as he did this kagome turned to see that sesshomaru had save her life again like before.But when sesshomaru had save kagome he didn't know that in doing this he coursed a loud noise that made sango as well as the other see if kagome was alright after the demon was killed sesshomaru was going to leave when at that mounted kagome said please wait sesshomaru this made him stop and she then said sesshomaru may I stay by your side when sesshomaru heard this he turned back to kagome but inuyasha along with other appeared and well inuyasha saw his brother.Then thought that he was going to hurt kagome so he pulled out his sword and would have attacked if kagome hadn't fired a sacred arrow which forced inuyasha sword to change back at mounted she put her arms around sesshomaru then they leave they take their leave but not before she whispered something to sesshomaru that made him blush.

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