Chapter 1

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If you've seen this fan fiction uploaded on this site, they have stolen it from me and uploaded it without my permission. I originally wrote this back in 2014, and uploaded it on Deviant Art, and should not be on any other site. If it's not written by me then it's stolen ^^


You watched as another titan devoured one of those humans, hearing his agonised screams as he was swallowed whole, you didn't know why, but you never felt the desire to eat or kill humans and sometimes you would kill a few of your own kind yourself to ease boredom.

Even though you were 15 meters tall and easily detectable you didn't want much attention as you knew that some of those humans were quite lethal, some could even turn into titans themselves, you made sure to stay clear of them. Turning around to walk in the opposite direction, you were just about to walk away when suddenly a black dot zoomed past your view and on to one of the buildings, looking down you noticed who it was.

He had blonde hair styled into a bob and stared directly at you with a hint of fear in his eyes whilst clutching his shoulder which was bleeding. You were surprised that a human in such a state had survived so long. One of the other titans had taken notice of the human and walked slowly towards him, you took a chance to swiftly scoop the blonde haired boy up in your hands whilst he was busy staring at the other tall being approaching him. Lifting him up to your face you watched him with curious (EYE COLOUR) eyes, as he was sat on your palm he was shaking quite violently and had a scared expression on his face, but you wanted to change that.

You opened your mouth and gently said a word.


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